Life Insight 4

June 5th was celebrated all over the world to be as World Environment day!!!but for most of the people it was just another normal day!! Newspapers cried Hoarse about methods of water,energy and other conservation…with also tips on how to do it. Of late a lot of people[research scientists] have been warning us that if Global warming is not checkmated then the World as we know it might come to an end!!

Sometime back while roaming around the world wide web..i somehow managed to come across the UK s WWE website which had a “Calculate your Carbon footprint Quiz”..i did answer it but came up with a horrifying” you are living as if you have 3.5 earths to waste!!!” well quite a good lot of questions were beyond my level and more centerd around life in the UK so i didnt take it seriously!!

My Friends know me as a environmental freak.since i insist of not throwing around wastes i.e., wrappers of snacks and a lot of other stuff !!! well they laugh at me but im still gonna do my bit !!!

now lets see the Global picture..The G8 are meeting even more often nowadays as they seem to have releaized that going green has more then one advantage!!! The US Government which had kept itself away from signing the Kyoto Protocol on Lower carbon emissions seem to have felt the heat due to Al Gore and his Documentary ” An inconvenient Truth ” China too should do something about it..a study showed that China is actually the worst CO2 emitter!!!! plus its gotta new project “Highway to Everest!!!” that has the Global Environmentalists objecting to it..well China has asked its Citizens to maintain its AC temps at 26 degrees..incidently the Highway thing is due to the Torch run for the 2008 Olympics!!!

well all i can say is that People have just become Lazy..taking cars to go to the Gym so that they can cut down on some Flab!!! Thats what has happened we are slowly getting dumber..and i mean Indians.!!!! a survey By TOI recently showed that 82% of surveyed Delhites thought the Air travel was more greener than Train Travel..might be it has something to do with the Fact that its “smells” better that way!!! since most people associate Smell with Pollution!! πŸ˜€

Last word: In an article that i read in The Week [june 24],the Columnist Mahesh Dattani says” We are the Biggest Parasites on Earth. we are not the organism that sustains this planet. It is perfectly capable of sustaining itself. We are simply sucking from its life source just like Leeches or weeds. we thrive on the nutrients of other organisms including Earth. Our waste is toxic. Our very existence is toxic to the planet. who knows?? Maybe Carbon emissions and the resulting Global warming is nature’s weed killer. Maybe Mother earth does want to nuke us out of existence, the same way we kill bacteria by heating our Food. And once the biggest parasite has been eliminated, the world can breathe easy. We, of course, Wont be around to enjoy the Cool breeze and clean Air.”

Think about it!!! 😈

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