Life Insight 3

Laughter..has always been prescribed as a medicine ..and in this age it now seems all the more
relevant..More and More young people are getting stressed in their jobs and resorting to Yoga and meditation..all of sudden the Indians to are resorting to the Ancient Knowledge which originated in India..Even The Laughter shows and Sitcoms are becoming more and more popular with Laughter champions just finishing its 2nd round and almost all the channels having a humorous show[even the news channels]..My Personal Favorite is the Tonight Show By Jay Leno..Now on Zee Cafe..He pokes fun of the day to day headlines and also at Bloopers made by newspapers and other companies..

Well back to the young People..Since the IT sector is a really lucrative sector and this is causing more and people to study something or the other related to computers hoping that they too end up with a good job with a 5 figure salary..[a good one] ..but nowadays people have begun to realise that even though you get paid .they take an equal amount of work from you …but even then More and More students are taking up software courses in order to cash in …leaving the Research sector almost empty …without any takers.. I actually dont deserve to talk against these people like this coz i too am here doing the same…But what can we do..nowadays Life is getting really Big…with the youth being the nations Splurgers ..The nation’s GDP too seems to be growing at apparently an amazing 8% per year[ i think]..apparently something is
going right…

All this is really possible because people are working hard to earn and then spend but there are others who are still unemployed and they are still in the same state..Therefore India will take quite a long time to become developed…Couple Of Months back a Sane friend of Mine approached me with a ” scheme ” which spoke of educating as many people in India with the basic Knowledge of computers..proclaiming that the underpriveliged are taught free of cost…while the others like us end up paying up about 8,000 for about some 18 software courses which you can learn either by the online method or the offline method..answer the certification tests and finish with the the same time if you introduce the courses to others you will be getting a particular fee for everyone you add to the ‘family’ ..thus here’s how Marketing and education has been coupled in the day to day life..Also i dont think i had mentioned in this
blog that a US based Indian company had approached us in college .They were organising a Career training course during which they teach you all that you need to be a trained professional ..and will be immediately employed into the companies.they Had chosen our college for this thing.But wait there was a clause ..that is if you want to continue into the third year with the courses then you will have to sign a job contract with them and you will become “theirs” will then be sent to any of their partner companies to work..Now without that clause the program was a very good one…but due to the clause it became quite a flop with about only 30 people opting for it…i wonder how it will be.its starting next semester…waiting to see how it is…Our college has also introduced french classes since nowadays being Multilingual is a requirement for a good job to.There are more and more english speaking as well as other coaching classes springing everywhere,,suddenly speaking is too becoming a business..Im too lazy too go for it..perhaps in the future..Thus the education sector has become too much money and not enough of the spirit…lets see what the future holds for us..

This has been a jumbled incoherence Message right here in the life insight pages…….

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