Life insight 2

well this is something about which i really wanted to write for a long time. India and English ,both these words are found throughout the history of our dear country as the latter had ruled over our country for nearly 200 years.The state of most indians was most pitiful in those days and this drove most of the people to take part in the freedom movement.When India finally got independence in 1947,the leaders lost no time in organising the nation ..but even now since nearly 60 year have past India is not yet developed.People argue that the US took more than 200 years to develop ..but can we accept that ??? cause that took place a long time back when there weren’t enough facilities available for development.

Lately there has been a lot of ruckus generated about the English being taught in the government from a very early class especially here in karnataka.
In my opinion ,English should be taught as a compulsory language so that the children get a feel for it in their formative years itself. Language scientists have told that the mother tongue influences our english accent and their effects become more pronounced as the years go by.Morever you tend to use your mother tongue atleast in your home/with your good friends and wont actually lose contact with it.
Today’s work atmosphere need trained professionals who are proficient in the communication skills and since english is a more global language it would be more helpful if we learn it.Therefore it is due to this that they have introduced the english and the kannada languages in the Engineering courses as well —–since engineers are one of the most important people who need to be proficient in their communication skills.but students rarely take an advantage of such courses feeling its a burden to attend them ,this leads to a low language output and the companies have been giving a negative feed back to the government about the quality of english spoken today…

some of the people i know too or have met experience a lot of problem to express themself properly in english and i dont think that the picture would be any better!!!This would affect the future of the individuals and their career.

I dont say that all people should learn english only and abandon all the other native indian languages.But what im referring to is that the need of the hour is that the government should increase the level of the education imparted by it its government schools.The government school system has been a failure in the indian system and even the poorest people try to get their children admitted into the best private schools that they can afford!!!

The question of english as a global language has actually arisen because we can mould it as we want it to be.Yearly the Oxford dictionary enters more and more derived words from the other languages of the world.
India also has added some words and more seem to be joining the dictionary soon.

In recent times ive also come across the fact that we are not the only country thinking about english. The US had decided to bring about a standard for the english spoken which had been affected due to the huge immigrant population.China meanwhile is gearing up for the 2008 olympics and measures to improve the quality of english spoken over there,especially regarding the english translationย  of chinese sign boards ..which often read really funny stuff.

India is actually not a lot behind regarding the english spellings.. While Indians have been winning the annual spelling bees in america for the past few years ,i tend to read a lot of misspelled words all around me.Chinese being one of the most mangled spellings ever and having a lot of different variations like chainees ,chainse,..the list goes on..then there’s Laxuary[luxury],repeiri[english rendition of the kannada word for repair] ,snakes [that refers to snacks ] ..there are more wonderful spellings and i have some pics with me which i coudn’t scan soon enough so that i could put it up here . ๐Ÿ˜ฆ try to get it up as soon as possible.
it shows a hilarious picture of an shop advertisement selling chilled beer. The most ridiculous spelling i read reaently was “SOPE FOR REND” which was made up from jumbling the letters of an already existing signboard [ supposed to say shop for rent—lovely use of recycling huh! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]

This is where i end quite abruptly .this is just a humble beginning of mine and this was quite a hurried post since i fell behind schedule .so was compelled to post this unedited.will gradually get there in the following days.
i seriously wrote quite a lot today and hope i didn’t annoy anyone regarding anything i wrote here.please feel free to contact me regarding the stuff i write or write your comments here.
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3 thoughts on “Life insight 2”

  1. Heh. just have a look at my flickr photos(flickr/photos/sathyabhat/) have taken a pic of a menu of a juice shop that I visit daily in Chennai. The spellings are just “PUER” genius ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And yes, SOPE FOR REND and BRIYANEEZ rocks!

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