Of Chapsticks and Chopsticks.

The first hint that im coming back to normal..
The insanity rings the bell,
throwing away all things formal..
The cure works i can tell..

yup chapsticks and chopsticks with gay people thrown in for good measure was one of the most recent crazy conversations that i’ve had in a long time.. on sms atleast. The two of you who read my blog would have realised it 🙂
Exams coming up with dsp and lic labs on 10th and 12th. The End semesters are also scheduled from 18th-31st. On the brighter side.. i’ ll be getting the New Years!!! There’s lot left to study but the cure has been working..
Cya People.. i may be back with exam updates.

p.s. WordPress is looking kewl!

Study Holidays!!

Dreary Eyed i sit,
Not liking it a bit,
I can’t step back,
Need to slog like a Hack..!!

Study Holidays are a bane ,
To the workers who don’t have an aim ;
To achieve a lot,
For i rather sleep on My Cot!!

Pouring over Theories,
my mind grows weary..
The Books are piled high on my shelf,
Maybe its time to redeem myself???

Study Holidays are truly a waste ;
Because they remind you that time is too little and its too already too late!!!