back to normal??

Mornings are not much liked by me because i got to leave my warm bed to catch the bus to college. Sleep deprived me pushes the limit and some how manages to get everything just right. These mornings there’s been fog covering up the roads.. and this is after 7. took a couple of pics. Beautiful. Never saw this last year.. perhaps another effect of global warming.?!

My Brother qualified for them NTSE Nationals. Felt great to know that. Congrats to him 🙂 no comparison yet. i never wrote them. i do stand by the fact that he has an higher IQ level then me.

Manipal’s Revels coming up. sadly we got our sessionals next week to worry about. and doubt we will be making it to the fest.

Working on Equi’s Tag now 🙂

Kite Festival 2008

the lot of us somehow ended up going to the kite festival, it wasnt much of a plan. but somehow every one ended up coming along 🙂 i met so many people that day that i was at the verge of losing my voice ( again!!). i had caught a cold a couple of days back and the sore throat just got worse with all that talking. so enuf talking . have a look see at my pictures.

Behind BarsThe Turbine KiteThe Guys

freedom perhaps

its been a while… nearly 5 years since i last touched the brushes. but i had been thinking for sometime that i should try it again. so there i was , sunday morning with nothing special planned for the rest of the day . searching through my old stuff, conveniently crammed into my cupboard, i located the old 2 sided pink pencil box which still held my paints. most of them were still in working condition, luckily :/ . With newspapers covering the bedsheet i sat at my usual “workplace”. something entered my head . i ended up distorting the entire thing but somehow managed to salvage it into the result that u here behold. in the beginning ,i thought i would title it ” freedom” but now it doesnt look fit. any ideas???

now i know it sucks. and if u think so too. please let me know 🙂 if by some rare chance ur an art critic perhaps u can see the artist(painter) in me. i dont usually drift towards painting. basically prefer pencil shading. been at it since i was very very little. i had given up painting since i used to mess up the entire thing. but this time i found my strokes more straight. surprising!

Watch this space !!!!

My First Picasa Album

well im back from bangalore ….but have no time this time to blab about the trip …it was reallly a lovely one and a whole lot of Fun..i kept updating a bunch of friends in mangalore about what i was doing…hopefully i didnt bug them 😉 i thought they wouldnt mind…

this trip contained a lot of firsts on my part and i hope to chronicle them over here as soon as possible…also i picked up a copy of Orhan Pamuk’s SNOW by the roadside…let me see how that is…
anyways nothing much can be written tonite..check out my picasa web album for some pics..i should upload more soon. Until then..