Smoking Kills.

Yes. Smoking Kills. Our Health Minister Ramadoss is hell bent on Banning them and smoking. Come November 1, a whole lot of legislations come to pass. One among them is the Pics of the effects of Smoking on the packs. I dont feel that it would do much good because at best it may affect Chain smokers. The rest of them, mostly students, usually take only single cigs from shops. So poor shop keepers have to look at them 😦 Here’s a pic of Marlboro, the American Brand, with the Smoking Kills sticker on it already. Took it at the newly opened Rathna’s Wine Gate store at Balmatta. You get a run through of all the liquors which are sold there. Its AC and has got good customer service.

From My desk or rather Raison’s

Well Raison bunked on Saturday and i made merry on his desk. My doodles actually went Mega-size. Filling up part of the desk. Praahas worked on his half of the desk. In the end what resulted was a scene of a Dinosaur-Tyrannosaurus Rex attacking a city( inspired by Calvin), Moon and the NASA mission and my Masterpiece. All this by me. There was the old Batman of the Future from 2-3 weeks ago on Praahas’s side; i told him to add a Star Wars Space fight. Pics taken on the iPhone looked better 🙂

Enjoy!! Hover above the Pics for descriptions.

a trip to the Temple

After we won the Quiz organised by the Institute of Engineers, mangalore chapter, we were pretty jobless. All four of us decided to loaf around 😛 I knew that area pretty well. There’s a place called Bhat re’s where i had been before and some other stuff. Couple of houses built on the hill side with excellent architecture and views. One had many Glasses walls on the ground floor. really!! That road also lead to the Kadri Temple and this resulted in my first proper visit to a hindu temple. A detailed tour was given courtesy Rajat and Varad chipping in. Started by 3 brothers. There’s a cave opening which contains a tunnel to Varanasi…??!! also water from Varanasi apparrently is got down to this place and come what may it will always be flowing throughout the year. oh and its a Shiva Temple with the temple bath above the temple level.

That evening was a lotta fun with a lot of ‘we own the world with Rs1750’ jokes.