The Aloysius College day

The aloysius college day is one of the most formal programs held during the academic year.and this time i was invited to it since i had to get the roll of honour certififcate ..anyway not many people usually come due to its overtly formal theme .Most of the people come and hang out around the place but dont watch the program..well there was a one act play by Dr.Ganesh amin “NALE MATTU NANU” and the chief guest was Dr.Ramachandra rao ,an alumunus of the college who is a senior reseach associate at Mc.Gill university ,canada. well he was quoting tooo much the bible in his speech..also there were tooo many speeches from way too many guests..luckily there was Govind this time with me..the only other guy to come ..we ended up talking about college and stuff at KREC…that guy is a brain being a member of the cet top 10 and other really good ranks…i was nice to go back to college and will be back during these holidays..met some teachers…its nice when you know that they stilll remember you..well looks like aloysius is ever growing with a lot of facilities being added up…

i wud like to write about the beach utsav..but no pracs…tomoro…willl write after that…later

My day’s Life

well ill be not bloggin until the end of the sems ..i write this last post in a long time its my entry to the Times of india’s India poised story writing contest.Tell me how u like it..

“.The alarm crowed. A lusty king of the farmyard cock-a-doodle-do. He shut the mobile up. One hour and five minutes was all he had before his day began. He would steal five minutes from that. Look the other way, he told that frowning creature in his soul. I do it all the time..A Little corruption ,A little bribery .I negotiate the world 24/7 .So  why not an extra 5 minutes of sleep ?

I told Myself and buried my head under the pillow .And So began another day in the life of an Indian.But My leep didnt last long as My Mom woke me up ..Because I had to go to college at 7.Hi ,i’m Kenneth just an veryday guy who is working towards his Engineering Degree on Electronics and maybe make it big someday..(read $$$).Ok there i am up again..While having my morning tea i take a glance into the newspaper just more death and destruction over there.. with the Nithari kilings now taking the nation by storm.Its just the funnies for me ..some Calvin gyan keeps me thinking. oops i’m late again..the bus is most probably gonna leave without me…Hurrying to catch the bus i see a lot of people jogging .seems like the people have woken up to the “being healthy” notion. Anyway I stay in the port city of Mangalore .,which is just one of the upcoming cities in India .It just got its First Mall and lot more buildings seem to be coming up .The hustle and bustle associated with the growing cities is slowly catching up to it with the traffic snarls getting more frequent in those congested roads and lets not forget the ever increasing population as well as the number of increasing beggars and roadside hawkers.

Finally i manage to get into the bus .My college is in the next district .I am one of those lucky people who could opt for a good course of my choice in a college of my choice having got some good marks after the mess of this years CET . Education is BIG business now u see. In the college bus ,there i meet some of my friends who travel with me everyday along the 1.5 hour journey to college. We take the NH17 which has since long failed to resemble even remotely a highway and looks worse than a village road.Thank God that the authorities are finally catching up with the work that the havent been doing for oh so long..As the scenery goes by i wonder what will happen to this area in the near future with the number of industries being set up and also the Nagarjuna Thermal Power plant being set up amidst stern opposition from the people. It just gets colder as we move a bit up into the mountains .It reminds us that there’s still winter..

I reach college and there’s nothing much left for me to do but listen ot some boring lectures and wait for the day to come to an end . There’s the Chem teacher who keeps making horrible grammer mistakes luckily thats what keeps us awake in that boring class. Then there’s the lunch break .We usually have it in the nearby eateries or the college canteen. Today we decide to drop by just another place nestled between a group of shops .It advertises in Bold letters “South Indian,north Indian and also Chainees” . The menu too is filled with a lot of mistakes but atleast the food is tasty and also worth the cash that i’m paying.The afternoon comes and goes seeing us struggling to complete our labs .

Finally the classes for the day are over and me and my group of friends are going back home by the same route that we came in the effecient private bus service which is unique to this region of the coast.I trudge home and want to sleep but my day is not over yet . One of the most important activity of the day still isnt over.Yes .,i am a Internet addict ever since i got the new broadband connection .I’ve been networking as well as blogging and keeping in touch with my friends.Blogging is what i feel is catching up among the nation’s youth. post RDB[Rang De Basanti] and Munnabhai , there have been a lot of online petitions as well posts on the sad state of the nations affairs. But here and there there’s an occcasional do-gooder who job doesn’t go without notice.I hear my Mom calling me for dinner and there ends my quota” for the day .

At night ., as i lay awake due to the street light shining brightly just outside my window,i think about the TOI’s India poised campaign .A new India waiting to take its rightful place in the global era ?? The anthem does make you think.Peole say the job is now in the hands of the youth but i feel the older generatino can also chip in .We need guidance and good leaders .Timely placed natural calamities reminds us of the wonderful nature of the Indians but it also brings about the mismanagement of the funds.
Terrorists keep popping up here and there bringing the nation to a standstill yet at the same time there are ordinary people who are taking things into their own hnds .its these people who will be the face of the nation’s future .Thinking about all this i drift of  to sleep ,.Yawn!!! Tomorrow is just another hectic Day..

Thanks for reading…

going on 87!!!

The Past few days were quite eventful…yesterday i met a couple of people,Osbert and Natasha. i haven’t Met in about 10 years or so..the main reason is that they had Migrated to Canada..So like Osbert and me used to go in the same rickshaw[Laxmi] to school way back when i was in the 2nd standard..and he was in the 8-9th..His elder brother Melroy, too was there in the 10th that time. Now those were the Days i am getting too nostalgic..the thing is Melroy is getting Married next friday to Ingrid who i met today. Thats the reason everyone are back in Mangalore ….ohh yeah back then i was really a quiet guy and the uknow”Pet ” of those guys ..They are somehow related to me i guess but i dont quite understand these complicated family relations since i have a couple of friends who are kinda my Uncles too..well thats weird . But i have had a good bit of fun all through since i used to line at my Granma’s place during those Days..I really had some fun yesterday and cudn’t finish my CAED work to be submitted today .anyway …

If you people are wondering why the title says so..well thats the Age of My Great Grandma ,who’s Birthday is today !!!!Happy Birthday to here!!!!!! and i ended up coming back early in order to make it to the party in the afternoon..that was nice… a lot of people were there ..nearly 30..i’ll try to get the Pics soon..Arranged by my Uncle who is always there for the christmas hols…He stay’s in canada..Yah and The People mentioned earlier were met by me at my grandma’s place itself..

Tomoro is the first holy communion of MY Cousin Andrea Gonsalves ..and am gonaa be busy for the night …the next day is New years..i wont be going out to celebrate it mostly an inhouse celebration…well i should be getting serious about my studies you see….because the sems are ooh so near only 12 days left and i have not at all started ..
P.s. Osbert[a CS engineer] has gone to a lot of Rock Concerts including RHCP and All American rejects. thats cool and he’s mostly gonna give me a copy of all the music that he has… and he has a good music collection including the entire works of RHCP..Oh yeah….
Also orkut in under maintenace…13 hours now….Google is having a lot of bad days lately…