God Bless Amerika

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i seriously dont know how many of you people have got to see this soong..i saw this on my friends comp. this sunday and really felt that the song’s true meaning is brought out in this video .

We see the same thing even here in India . The people take easily to the American culture and might forget their own in the process.

the American Bands also keep criticizing the policies of the americans but nothing was done so much like this video..htere was American Idiot and the Dixie Chicks protest which almost got them banned .Its like the whole world just sits on the edge of its seat waiting for something to be done by america and then all people follow it. For Example Yoga Became famous because the americans started studying it.

Since the Us has a place in the Security council they are quite powerful in the world ,.Alos the dollar gives them the backup that they need to control most part of the world ..i really wont be surprised if one day we come to know that all our present world crisis is actually an organised Plan??

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Do We need this???

In the past i have just heard about the Nagarjuna Thermal power project and didnt think that it would effect me directly or indirectly…but then came saturday..Section 144 was imposed when some of the people were protesting against the coming up of the station. it apparently will affect the forests which i pass everyday on my way to college!!! and my friend who stays in that area says why cant they just shift the project to a place where hardly anything grows ..not that karnataka has a lack of those. why waste all the forest area as if the pollution in the coastal region isnt enough!!! ive witnessed in the past years that there has been a lot of species being lost and the place is just getting dirtier by the day..anyone who has visted any of the nearby industrial areas would agree with me..
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