the terror attacks recently have shocked most people …can you imagine that people who you might be with everyday could do such stuff….coming back on the Bus after Math exam ,we did just that..the conversation actually started with either me resembling one of them(i dont think so)..or Raison resembling Kabeel (i do think so πŸ˜› with the glasses and everything!!!) anyway so it was like that, “can we trust people who are around us????” now we(atleast me) can ..but what about later in life???? ” how do we know that any of us dont turn into a terrorist or something??” said one guy..”maybe you can never do so, just be alert!!!” joked me.

The conversation also noted that the guys in question were good in studies and surprising to know that educated people would go about such primitive acts??? “there has to be a reason behind it” i said( i still believe that!!)…anyway s the conversation ended with me trying to recall how to create a Molotov cocktail!!!

so well…

What Me Worry???

Atleast by now you people might have been bugged about me ranting endlessly for the past few posts about these study Holidays and well i guess i wont be doing it anymore!! thing is that the exams are almost here Equi and Ajan will start theirs earlier this week while i ll be writing Math 2 on Saturday!

I Started ReadingΒ  “The Delhi Belly and other misadventures in the Middle Kingdom” By Jug Suraiya, my favorite Indian Author . Its a collection of his Old “Middle” writings. The middle was arguably the most read part of the Times Editorial weekday features different writers from various aspects of life..well Jug is my favorite! The Middle has now been replaced by the Briefcase , situated at the left bottom part of the page!! He’s been described by Shashi Tharoor as ” someone who should be read with a dictionary in Hand” πŸ™‚ He does use kinda outlandish words some of which may not be even in use now along with some crazy Indianized Similies. He still works for the Times and he’s got a regular Sunday Times Page column. The Book is actually a collection of his older writings written about he time when i wouldnt have been able to read !!! i came across the Book while going through a Bookstore on Church Street while i was in Bangalore!!! there are other compilations of his writings..but didnt see them. so well i’ve read about 13 stories out of the 77 …

im still reading Snow…thats taking too much time!!!! which makes me end up sleeping somewhere at 1 in the morning!!!

Ah! i Should Be studying πŸ˜›

ok well this week India saw the end of the TVΒ  series : HEROES , another favorite!!! now im waiting for the next season …sad thats about 4 months away 😦 the story stays true to the facts as much as any superhero story can stay!!!! it basically revolves around the nuclear explosion of New York..and thats the future which needs to be stopped..the plot is intertwined with different people and their powers, how they use it and how they stop the explosion for the time Being!!! it became a runaway Lost and Prison Break..but Lost “lost” it with the boring plot dragging seasons…Hope Heroes Fares much Better… πŸ˜‰ check out the article that “Ash is NOT gonna join the Heroes cast!!!”

how many times…?

well thats the most dreadful question that i would never want to hear!!!!! i dont like it when people ask me “how many times it is that u have finished studying???” i feel that its a ridiculous question..since if they couldnt finish it once how can they expect me to do so??? you know there are some Nerds who keep studying extensively that give the rest of the people who study a bad name!!! come on!!! we people dont study continuously at all!!! i waste more time than any other person ..i guess so? so never ever make the mistake of asking me that πŸ˜› i may snub you for a while!!! and be quite sarcastic even?! i wrote this post after 3 people asked me that recently!!!! and well for the last few days there’s been rain ,wind and me feeling bored with all this studying!!! Ah! atleast i know that im not alone in this!!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

anyways Best of luck!!!

The 7 wonders , Oh Really??

Hmm.. for the past few days as the Newspapers keep mentioning that India’s Taj this time will not be able to make it into the Top 7 Wonders of the World since only 4% of the Indians are voting for it !!! i’ve also Been gettin Mails and smses urging me to go to to vote for TajMahal as my Vote Counts!!! so i set down to vote for it through the cell phone(Sms TAJ to 4567) this time round..not possible for some reason for me!!!! as for the online voting..i had already done that Last year in July-August or something!!!! so im wondering whether it will actually make it into the Top 7 this time round!!! Coz at the Moment it stays at number 10 i guess!!! at the time of writing the Website was down for Maintenance!!!

I went for Pirates 3 yesterday and loved it since i had the Best seats in the Hall!!! the topmost Row ,Middle Seats!!!! anyway it was a nice Movie!!!