Jaane tu..

well i finally got round to watching it. Liked it. Everyone i know (almost) who watched it has liked it. Since i had missed the big picnic to Adlabs i had to watch this at home else all alone at Adlabs 😛

The Movie is a refreshing change from the usual boring “love stories”. It s about this group which could be quite similar to your own group and has some very crazy ideas. The beginning of the movie reminded me of a good friend and she said the she was reminded of herself too 🙂 The middle part dragged a bit with the “i love u-i dont love u” part. but most of the movie was good. Also finally India has got a romantic movie with an awesome airport ending.

The Girl Next Door

well after 2 days of being really sick, i felt better today. so i decided to watch The Girl Next Door. i had just got the movie although i had watched it quite a long time back on Star Movies. it was way back in puc 2 ( or 12th std) when while completing my Bio records i ended up watching this at 1 in the morning 🙂 that too on star movies- the censored version. perhaps im one of the very few guys who did watch it on Star because i havnt met anyone else who did. i didnt know the name of the movie at that time though but a conversation with a friend who talked about the movie(uncensored one) gave me the name.

this is one of my alltime favourite movie.


21-the movie
21-the movie

here i am back with another movie. this one was recommended by Karthik. its about a bunch of exceptionally brilliant students, coached by their professor at MIT, who learn the art of card counting to hoodwink and win big at the Las Vegas casinos by playing blackjack. Its a good watch. Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne are good at their roles-the professor and the Vegas Casino security incharge.

here’s the official webpage.

Watched this after i ended up missing out on “Jaane tu ya Jaane na.” Everything was planned but i had to come down with high fever yesterday night. so i couldnt join the other 25(??!) today. Yes, 25 of us ended up opting for the Adlabs show. *Sigh*

p.s. this has actually been done by MIT students. There’s a History channel documentary and all.


well the Movie was just the thing i needed after that horrible LIC exam. Had waited way too long to watch it. Go watch it just for fun. the ending leaves you with Some Questions but the antics of Jack Black is worth everything 🙂 makes you want to swede a movie.

Here’s the official website: they sweded Google page. There’s a How to Swede stuff.. i downloaded the pdf for later reading and you can also swede yourself into Movie posters, like i did below 😀

see the wiki external links for more sweded videos by fans.