My Name is….

“…and for this topic i would recommend u to read the first prescribed textbook, Ayala. Kenneth J. Ayala….”
Heads turn towards me from all around the class. Sudhir shouts “Kenneth!” while Amruth exclaims ” Aila?!” ( if u get tat pun ).
it s not often that my name comes up in a classroom discussion.
i was ,of course, expecting this reaction when i had gone through the syllabus earlier on.
Everyone likes a good diversion.. especially when we have just come back from the holidays and confined to sleepy classrooms.

My name, being a foriegn name, doesnt appear much out of the way. it did pop up once in primary-the fourth standard- in a poem called the ‘Duck’s Ditty’ (i think) by scottish poet
Kenneth Graham. this caused a fair amount of hullabaloo in the class that i remember so much about it. Also you might have come across it in the credits of movies,..etc. especially in the credits of Tom and Jerry cartoons.
You will find there’s a Kenneth Muse in there.

All the same i like my name ; the whole of it, and ofcourse all the undue attention it brings 🙂

me Lately

im back at that stage of life.. its a phase.. but i dont like it..ive been a bit stubborn and a whole lot grumpy this last few days… hope it will pass cause i like the old Me better 🙂 Words .. thinking.. actions ..

Me being back here had some thing to do with what my sister said … it got me thinking and well what she said was pretty much the truth .. and that set me thinking about a whole lot of things which gradually ate my head and resulted in me being insane again.

Hope i get better . The cure is not so easy. this time at least 😦

Study Holidays!!

Dreary Eyed i sit,
Not liking it a bit,
I can’t step back,
Need to slog like a Hack..!!

Study Holidays are a bane ,
To the workers who don’t have an aim ;
To achieve a lot,
For i rather sleep on My Cot!!

Pouring over Theories,
my mind grows weary..
The Books are piled high on my shelf,
Maybe its time to redeem myself???

Study Holidays are truly a waste ;
Because they remind you that time is too little and its too already too late!!!