Enlightened Deletion

well i’ve been putting off this for quite some time now and well today i decided that enough was enough. So some accounts had to go. These were of no particular use to me nor did i even visit them nor do they influence my online life in any way. Hence the few that i deleted had to go. About 6 so far. Well i wont be deleting my various email accounts because i use them as IM accounts bascially except for the Gmail one-thats the official one. Twitter will stay as will Orkut, Stumbleupon, Delicious and Facebook. if i do remember being part of anything else that account may be a risk. One of my backup gmail and orkut accounts did also get deleted šŸ™‚

Deleting accounts was a bit tedious as i had to remember the password combinations on all the different accounts. somehow i remembered. one thing u do come across while doing so is that every service asks you why you are deleting the respective account before it allows you to go any further.

lets see..

Exams start on 24th šŸ™‚ my rants on them coming up.

a Halo of a conversation

i’ve really begun to enjoy these conferences that the 3 of us have been having lately šŸ˜€ The conversations just come up like we are actually speaking to each other face to face. abstract topics.. comments… honesty. Totally enjoyable šŸ™‚

so here we were, the 3 of us. me just done with mc labs and not too happy. so finally i decided to get my southpark avatar from sp-studio. 3 months after i thought about it. now thats procrastination!!!

The Halo in the pic irked Ajan a bit and he went and got his own halo.

Cant you see the Aura around him???

i feel it would have looked better if his tongue wasnt sticking out. no offence SRI SRI SRI AJANANANDA SWAMI !!!! šŸ˜€

Here’s to more conversations that overflow into blog posts. Cheers!!!!

Im Calvin!!!

I’m Calvin
The most lovable kid on the most lovable comic strip in the world – you are best known for your unsuccessful ‘dastardly plots’, your sense of humor and your extended vocabulary. Outgoing, rambunctious, unrestrained – there is a little bit of you in every one of us. “It’s a magical world, Hobbes… let’s go exploring.”

thats what the facebook app had to say about me šŸ™‚ Before you use it, i should warn you that it forces you to invite more friends ( about 20 over a period of 3 days)if you want to check the results. thats quite a spoilsport.


Earlier a friend of mine from Pesit msged me that there’s going to be an online quiz and treasure hunt as a prelude to their Fest- Aatmatrisha. So i thought that i ll check it out now. They had come to invite our college to it. but apparently our college wasnt interested in sending a team to Bangalore. Also very few would actually opt for it as the end sem rush will start soon-i do know a few interested ppl,including me šŸ˜€ .Going through the website i saw that they have got Parikrama for their Rockshow and a lot of other stuff happening. i wish our college was some good in these matters or atleast let the students help out. but No, they got to stick to “traditions” and other nonsense based arguments.

People interested in the Online Quiz(ends tomoro noon i heard) and Online Treasure ( dont know about this) can check out their website here.

Social wars.

well a couple of days back , Orkut launched the application facility. Perhaps this much awaited move was a play to attract back a lot of people who seem to be quitting Orkut for Facebook. i know quite a lot of them who have already done this and some more are mulling abut deleting their Orkut account. I on the other hand am existent on both the networks for the apparent purpose that is networking. for a good bunch of my internet challenged friends, Orkut is the only link that they have to the world wide web. hence the need to retain my account.

one thing Orkut has done is that you dont need to invite more people to join apps u add- a fact that Facebook apps keep poking you with. Everytime you add a new app it asks you to invite a certain number of friends which effectively drains all the enthusiasm that you had. also it would be a nightmare going through the list of 400 odd people. Deleting apps is also easier in Orkut. just go to manage and delete them. The only problem will be that many people will ad all types of apps possible thus slowing down Orkut-the servers are busy missing their donuts. which is why iĀ  have actually decided to clean out my Facebook profile of most of the apps and just keep the basic one up. Coming Soon.

One more thing that i wanted to write about is that there are some pretty crazy things going on out there in the networking /adworld. Advertising of other social networks like Bigadda and Ibibo appears on Orkut and Facebook. some type of ambush marketing?

Also highly irritating is the invite spam that you get when one of your friend joins up with some network or other. you can only get rid of them by signing up for the respective network or putting up a spam filter for those mails.Lucky for me most of those invites are directed to my old nowadays dormant Rediff account.

The war continues…..