The 7 wonders , Oh Really??

Hmm.. for the past few days as the Newspapers keep mentioning that India’s Taj this time will not be able to make it into the Top 7 Wonders of the World since only 4% of the Indians are voting for it !!! i’ve also Been gettin Mails and smses urging me to go to to vote for TajMahal as my Vote Counts!!! so i set down to vote for it through the cell phone(Sms TAJ to 4567) this time round..not possible for some reason for me!!!! as for the online voting..i had already done that Last year in July-August or something!!!! so im wondering whether it will actually make it into the Top 7 this time round!!! Coz at the Moment it stays at number 10 i guess!!! at the time of writing the Website was down for Maintenance!!!

I went for Pirates 3 yesterday and loved it since i had the Best seats in the Hall!!! the topmost Row ,Middle Seats!!!! anyway it was a nice Movie!!!

Caste No Bar


“Sapna Kabhi Sakar nahi hota,
Mohabbat Ka Kohi Akaar nahi Hota,
Sab Kuch Ho jata hai iss duniya mein,
Magar dobara kisi se sacha pyar nahi hota .”

yes this is an SMS…
but it made me think…coz u see it was sent by someone i know pretty well and i know what that message means to him/her.
The Person has gone through a lot ..and when finally he/she found someone who was perfect for him/her.When The story is starting to sound like a fairy tale it comes to light that It can never Be soo.

Here Caste Becomes the Ugly Villain..In India today it still exists and rules over the right of marriage to whom and which caste that person belongs too. Even Dowry too exists and this makes a mockery of out of our Educational system which makes us study Essays( Compositions) thats says us that they have been abolished and should not be continued,.. yes they have indeed changed the Mindset of the younger generation but we gotta Listen to Our Elders na!!!! ” thats Tradition ” they say. And Poof!! there goes everything.

Recently the Supreme Court gave out a statement that “Only in India do we see People Claiming to be Backward!!!” (something like that,dont remember it exactly..buts that the Essence of It). and yes thats what it said on the OBC 27% reservation while keeping a stay order..many were relieved but now i guess the governmant wants to implement it.who knows what will happen in the future.Now im not saying that ‘reservation is Bad!!’ its just that the Creamy Layer should be left out of it. Thats what i’ve always been saying. Seen too much Injustice in Life in that area.

Oh God Everything is Politics.

OK Now back to that friend of mine.. well Come on Now ‘Is that Right???’ i dont think so..well as i am writing this i came to realise that we can not always have what we might want. Although “WANT” is quite a Big word. The status in that person’s life is such that whatever Time is left that they can spend together they are doing so..believe me i’ve heard both sides of the stories and thats why i felt like writing this.

True Love!!

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