Whew! Manipal again.

back to the same state.. the semester has ended… the internals are over…. the marks have been finalized…. study holidays await…. semester exams creep closer….

the thing that i was looking forward to was the trip to Manipal with Syn.ย  of course, Karthik was gonna be the guide. since he does stay there. Sindhu hadnt met Karthik so far either with the meeting getting cancelled every time. well some how we planned and put it together. we left at 10 from mangalore but the bus was a bit slow in the beginning but caught on later. the route is slightly longer then the one i take daily to college. reached at about 11:30 .. went to Karthik’s place first and then to Dollops. we got to see his new Dell pc. At Dollops, ( my second time there na) we had lunch and then went for a walk around the campus. then headed to Endpoint. last time it was really hot .. nice thing that it was cloudy this time around so we could walk around inspite of it being 2 in the afternoon. finally we headed back to the main centre to check out MIT campus. by then we were totally exhausted with all the walking ! me was very thirsty and hence had a chocolate milkshake and a ginger lime soda. i was ridiculed over my choice but well ๐Ÿ˜›

anyway the day was over. we needed to get back home to mangalore so we caught a bus and bid adieu to karthik and thats it.

Thank you to Sindhu and Karthik. it was awesome!!! am looking forward for similar things this semester holidays in January!

here’s Syn’s version of events ๐Ÿ™‚

playing tic tac toe

Last week in college, Monday to be exact , a guy , 3rd year mech. student met with an accident … it was really bad.. Our Bus passed it but i was on the other side and couldnt see him bleeding.. by the time he was taken to the Manipal hospital( nearest hospital to deal with such accidents??? well it was their ambulance which took him), he died . we came to know that by the 2 nd hr .. by which the rest of the classes for the day had anyway been cancelled.. well soon the rest of the college had the day off.. there was a condolence service and everything.. but the Mech students werent happy with the way the college had handed the entire affair..so by that night smses were flyingย  to everyone to protest tomorrow. so there was a protest not that well organised but it did keep us away from classes. the seniors wore black( we people are still in uniforms!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) they had a list of demands like, free education for the dead guy’s sister , an emergency trauma centre at college , better equipped ambulance and changing the college bus drivers for not stopping to help the guy. at the end of the day the college okayed their demands and we could finally go home. the press covered this , both newspaper and tv. me got a few pics myself.. that was history .. feels good to be a part of it ๐Ÿ™‚

ok so now from 31st my internals start and end on the 3rd. Incidently Mangalore’s first Battle of the bands starts at 4:30 onwards at nearby St. Josephs engineering college. so that means if we have to make it there we gotta rush home from college. then hurry of the Josephs which is situated slightly on the outskirts of the city. not sure about anything right now since our exams end at 2 and its a 1.5 hr journey home from college.

ok so since my friends bands are gonna play i was asking about it with them.. seems every band gets about 30 minutes to perform .. so my friend Claud is busy practising with his band even though they got their semester exams going on now. they seem to be practising 8 songs ( if time permits) thing is with sound check and all the list is bound to shorten to about 4. last time at KREC ‘s Incident , i waited more than 1 hr for the soundcheck to get over.. i had to return home at about 9 so didnt get to hear any good stuff because of that ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

the invite :

10000 watts of awesome rock !!
” MOSH MANIA ” Rock Competition ’07 .
A Rock Show cum competition which will be held at the St. Joseph Engineering College Open Air Stage, Vamanjoor . 7 bands will take on center stage and battle it out . Only one winner . Who will it be ????
Gates open at 3:00 pm, 3rd November 2007.
This is the 1st time such a concert is taking place and we expect true headbangers n rockers to be there for the show which is truly gonna be one to remember by.
This is a platform for bands up and coming to showcase what YOU’VE got .
Metalheads get ready cos were on the look out n u better be there.we won’t miss this for anythin..and u shouldn’t too!!!

What Me Worry???

Atleast by now you people might have been bugged about me ranting endlessly for the past few posts about these study Holidays and well i guess i wont be doing it anymore!! thing is that the exams are almost here Equi and Ajan will start theirs earlier this week while i ll be writing Math 2 on Saturday!

I Started Readingย  “The Delhi Belly and other misadventures in the Middle Kingdom” By Jug Suraiya, my favorite Indian Author . Its a collection of his Old “Middle” writings. The middle was arguably the most read part of the Times Editorial weekday Page..it features different writers from various aspects of life..well Jug is my favorite! The Middle has now been replaced by the Briefcase , situated at the left bottom part of the page!! He’s been described by Shashi Tharoor as ” someone who should be read with a dictionary in Hand” ๐Ÿ™‚ He does use kinda outlandish words some of which may not be even in use now along with some crazy Indianized Similies. He still works for the Times and he’s got a regular Sunday Times Page column. The Book is actually a collection of his older writings written about he time when i wouldnt have been able to read !!! i came across the Book while going through a Bookstore on Church Street while i was in Bangalore!!! there are other compilations of his writings..but didnt see them. so well i’ve read about 13 stories out of the 77 …

im still reading Snow…thats taking too much time!!!! which makes me end up sleeping somewhere at 1 in the morning!!!

Ah! i Should Be studying ๐Ÿ˜›

ok well this week India saw the end of the TVย  series : HEROES , another favorite!!! now im waiting for the next season …sad thats about 4 months away ๐Ÿ˜ฆ the story stays true to the facts as much as any superhero story can stay!!!! it basically revolves around the nuclear explosion of New York..and thats the future which needs to be stopped..the plot is intertwined with different people and their powers, how they use it and how they stop the explosion for the time Being!!! it became a runaway hit..like Lost and Prison Break..but Lost “lost” it with the boring plot dragging seasons…Hope Heroes Fares much Better… ๐Ÿ˜‰ check out the article that “Ash is NOT gonna join the Heroes cast!!!”

The 7 wonders , Oh Really??

Hmm.. for the past few days as the Newspapers keep mentioning that India’s Taj this time will not be able to make it into the Top 7 Wonders of the World since only 4% of the Indians are voting for it !!! i’ve also Been gettin Mails and smses urging me to go to www.new7wonders.com to vote for TajMahal as my Vote Counts!!! so i set down to vote for it through the cell phone(Sms TAJ to 4567) this time round..not possible for some reason for me!!!! as for the online voting..i had already done that Last year in July-August or something!!!! so im wondering whether it will actually make it into the Top 7 this time round!!! Coz at the Moment it stays at number 10 i guess!!! at the time of writing the Website was down for Maintenance!!!

I went for Pirates 3 yesterday and loved it since i had the Best seats in the Hall!!! the topmost Row ,Middle Seats!!!! anyway it was a nice Movie!!!

Caste No Bar


“Sapna Kabhi Sakar nahi hota,
Mohabbat Ka Kohi Akaar nahi Hota,
Sab Kuch Ho jata hai iss duniya mein,
Magar dobara kisi se sacha pyar nahi hota .”

yes this is an SMS…
but it made me think…coz u see it was sent by someone i know pretty well and i know what that message means to him/her.
The Person has gone through a lot ..and when finally he/she found someone who was perfect for him/her.When The story is starting to sound like a fairy tale it comes to light that It can never Be soo.

Here Caste Becomes the Ugly Villain..In India today it still exists and rules over the right of marriage to whom and which caste that person belongs too. Even Dowry too exists and this makes a mockery of out of our Educational system which makes us study Essays( Compositions) thats says us that they have been abolished and should not be continued,.. yes they have indeed changed the Mindset of the younger generation but we gotta Listen to Our Elders na!!!! ” thats Tradition ” they say. And Poof!! there goes everything.

Recently the Supreme Court gave out a statement that “Only in India do we see People Claiming to be Backward!!!” (something like that,dont remember it exactly..buts that the Essence of It). and yes thats what it said on the OBC 27% reservation while keeping a stay order..many were relieved but now i guess the governmant wants to implement it.who knows what will happen in the future.Now im not saying that ‘reservation is Bad!!’ its just that the Creamy Layer should be left out of it. Thats what i’ve always been saying. Seen too much Injustice in Life in that area.

Oh God Everything is Politics.

OK Now back to that friend of mine.. well Come on Now ‘Is that Right???’ i dont think so..well as i am writing this i came to realise that we can not always have what we might want. Although “WANT” is quite a Big word. The status in that person’s life is such that whatever Time is left that they can spend together they are doing so..believe me i’ve heard both sides of the stories and thats why i felt like writing this.

True Love!!

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