Belled One Cat

Our trip to B’lore started at 10:30 on Thursday, It was freezing Cold and luckily i had got my jacket along. But my poor sandal-ed feet were frozen numb! we alighted the bus at around 8:30 and with skewed directions from Shilpika who had reached earlier were directed to the same lodge that they were staying at. Ramakrishna Lodge. The Food was decent but the ‘4 bed’ room sucked. but then we did not spend lot of time there. After Breakfast we decided to do dry run and set off to RV from platform 19, Majestic. We decided to buy the daily passes of Rs 32; the best option. Due to an accident and traffic we reached RV almost an hour later at 11:30. Had asked Rahul to meet and show us around. So thats what we did, checked some part of the campus and their hostels were cool! met Nolan on our way back. actually we were on the Way to KFC. muhahaha! The bill was steep! especially we were funding Rahul. Then we were back to the room and slept. Tushar went to meet his sis and friends to Koramangala. Raison and Me decided to stay back and brush up our basics. So thats what we did till around 11.

The Next day started with Tushar’s alarm rudely awakening us around 5:15. i still stayed in bed till 5:40. Then we rushed out and had breakfast and were off to catch a bus at 7. Shilpika was already there and we had woken up Rahul just in case we needed to dump our back packs in his room. They allowed us in at around 8. The Process sis not look very smooth because one of the site candidate list hadnt been recieved. Moreover, my name was also not on the list of my site. There were 2 other such people in my room. We sorted out our matter with the site incharge, who was very helpful. Our belongings were We were told our site was reallotted to the first floor. It was. We found our names and i did not have any other problems expect for the delayed start in the test and also the comp getting hung before my session began. Everything else went well but i could see chaos around me and the assistants did not seem to be well informed about backup protocols. After coming out i came to know that Tushar and few others who had the same prob as me did not get to write their tests. I dont know what had happened. The same mess that was sorted out for us wasnt done for them. Now, do i call myself lucky? those guys had also been allotted the same changed site as me but no one had notified them. All our admit cards had only our original site numbers on them. They finally were told to mail the Prometric guys and ask for a re-allottment. Now we have Lab semesters starting tomorrow, what help would a re-allottment do for vtu students travelling from all over to b’lore to write it? it would be a waste of time and money. I hope they’ll somehow sort out all the mess thats currently present.
My first therefore was eventful, online and much easier than expected 🙂

Lunch saw us at McDonalds of nearby Gopalan Mall. Next stop was Avenue Road to get OFC and PE texts for semester studying, then we headed back to our room and rested. Around 7 i went out exploring and bought a Navy blue Tee at Koutons. Tushar s sis shopped a lot for him. And he also ended up buying a jacket for the cold. Dinner was chicken biryani and tikka at a place called ‘Talk of the Town’. We packed, sorted out our bills and checked out at around 10. Bus was at 10:35.

i reached home at 8:30 and have been online since 🙂
Planning to do a little lab study later today!

Violence continues

The situation worsened today. The section 144 had been imposed from sunday evening to wednesday morning. Everything looked fine in the morning. Me, Ashank and Amit waited for the bus 47 near our home. Ashank usually prefers 23 but we didnt go today morning. 47 arrives and we are on our way to college. By the time we reach Urwa. Rishitha calls up saying that 23 has been pelted stones and has been stopped. This happened at Kulshekar-Rajat’s stop. Later that morning there was a lathicharge even. We also hear that B3, another bus that takes the bajpe-kateel route hasnt arrrived yet. Our bus passes by with everything looking peaceful. At Kuloor we saw a peaceful Black flag protest. by the time we reached college we heard that some guy had been killed. Us third years cancelled our classes. i decided to wait back at college but when i called home i was told to come home pronto. i had already got a call saying to come back earlier so i decided to catch Bhrams 2 back. so there we were, about 6 form our class, who were going to mangalore. as we neared Surathkal we saw express buses with windshields broken. The buses were ont going any further than Surathkal. The conductor was furious. He said, why didnt they stop buses early morning instead of stoping them now and inconveniencing people. we waited at Surathkal for some time. Local taxis from there to only the outskirts of Mangalore were charging upwards of 350 bucks. One of our friend’d dad arranged a taxi. i got down at Kuntikan and went to my grandma’s place-about 200 mtrs away. Waited there for my dad-he was going around Mangalore. Apparently they had got an order to shut down ATMs in sensitive areas. i believe someone broke the glass at the saibeen’s atm. As i waited for Dad i watched tv9. It showed images of Policemen attacking people who were praying at Churches. People retaliated and were throwing stones at the police. Tear gas shells were dispersed.

i came home. The mangalore traffic looked normal, no local buses but. some shops were open here and there. news at tv9.

since the bjp is in power, i dont think that they would actually catch the bajrang dal activists involved. They actually gave them a clean chit after the latter had accepted that they were responsible for the attacks. They said that they had attacked only Newlife(some christian faction) churches but what they attacked were mainly catholic and other christian churches. The Adoration Monastery, Falnir was attacked yesterday. The chapel was destroyed and sacrament thrown. This is what prompted the protest reaction yesterday. It belongs to the Cloistered carmel i guess. its just a serene place where you come to pray.

There’s a whole lot of bullshit interspersed with politics going on here. Hope this doesnt turn into another Gujarat 😦 because when you are pushed against a wall things can become desperate.


On my way to guitar class i came across police protection at all the churches i passed. i thought that perhaps thats because the Bajrang dal has been acting up in the past month. About an hour later i get a msg saying that there have been attacks on Churches in the coastal districts. I was at claude’s place, so we tuned into tv9 for the visuals. Milagres, Kodikal and Belthangadi churches have been vandalised as far as i know. Things are getting worse in Mangalore.

Conversion has never been a major issue in this region and as far as i know it never has taken plae here. Mangalore consists of catholics who have been here for ages.It used to be a peaceful town, presently in the midst of communal mess. Hope everything sorts out itself.

a trip to the Temple

After we won the Quiz organised by the Institute of Engineers, mangalore chapter, we were pretty jobless. All four of us decided to loaf around 😛 I knew that area pretty well. There’s a place called Bhat re’s where i had been before and some other stuff. Couple of houses built on the hill side with excellent architecture and views. One had many Glasses walls on the ground floor. really!! That road also lead to the Kadri Temple and this resulted in my first proper visit to a hindu temple. A detailed tour was given courtesy Rajat and Varad chipping in. Started by 3 brothers. There’s a cave opening which contains a tunnel to Varanasi…??!! also water from Varanasi apparrently is got down to this place and come what may it will always be flowing throughout the year. oh and its a Shiva Temple with the temple bath above the temple level.

That evening was a lotta fun with a lot of ‘we own the world with Rs1750’ jokes.

Water Tragedy.

Ignore the Pun. It wasnt a funny thing. a schoolbus fell into the overflowing Phalguni river near kaikamba. This is the road that i have often passed on the way back home via moodbidri. Most people had the misconception that the old bridge from british times was near what the accident happened. well it was not. the accident actually didnt take place on the main road but on a side road that you can barely see from the bridge. That evening when we passed by we saw the crowd far away. the side road starts at a dwara around 200 mtrs from the bridge on the mangalore side. The river which had swollen way too much due to the torrential rains hitting the state. The nearby fields and other area had all been taken in by the River. The river which is so thin during summer was now atleast 10 times the size. it is understandable that the driver couldnt see the road from the river. it was raining too. and there’s no barrier differentiating the river and the road.

what really makes you retch is the fact that there is hardly any development in that area. The british built bridge is still standing. it doesnt allow 2 buses to pass each other simulataneously. politicians come and go. politicians havnt improved the side roads but they sure jumped at the idea of arriving at the venue of the accident and being “concerned”. no one knows how many were actually travelling in the bus on a day when other buses had a strike. we passed by some houses of bereaved families. police vans were dispatched there. i saw 3. On the eve of our Independence day.. indeed this is the true story.

as we climbed higher into the mountains I saw how the rain had caused havoc….

Happy Independence day!