October road

The college bus was empty today and so was the class seeing that so many of my class mates hadnt come to coll today..that is the people from mangalore and as well as udupi.i had to come to collect the scholarship thing today at least  😦 instead of happily sleeping in my warm bed…we just had 1.5 hrs of chem by JN -fuels and petroleum.it was ok..but we were sitting there without any calcis and didnt solve much in class.then after clas we ended up walking nearly 2 kms from college in order to get a decent seat..so that we could escape the end of the week rush!!!..we did do it and reached home safe and sound.so far nothings extraordinary has happened.

The curse of the 25 paisa!!!

Been listening to the Lost prophets and have been relaxing,what with a half day which came to us from out of the blue,seems like the teachers were either on leave or too tired ,guess it doesnt matter to most of the class but three days in a row of halfdays will make me go home and sleep, like  its any use[other than that its good for ur health :)].been working on only boring CAD at college ..we had 4 hours of it today,:( by the end of three hours we had given up completely on it an started to talk on a variety of topics including F1,who will win the championship???and even on blogs and the traffic my friend Karthik gets.who seems to have a good technorati ranking of about 30,000..[last time he checked it at least,]and of course he will be reading this too.since he has attached a feed to this.weve been talking about blog ettiquette ,what to write and how.and a lotta other things,

i Couldnt get my scholarship form signed from the princi today[still dont know what his full name is??] so there a work thats been put off till tomorow.Lately ive been jinxed too much,not only me also the house,like i mentioned yesterday the net went down ,then the printer,then the mixie fell down and broke,the tv also was flickering off and on.could it be the curse of the 25 paisa?? i picked up from my seat on the bus.will get rid of it tomorow.Finally traveled by the famous BRAHMS bus which has quite a fan following among the college people and an orkut community dedicated to it tooo.

The Month comes to an end tomorow and life just seems to be a routine for me from getting up in the morning with great difficulty at 6,switching on the comp.,eating ,and then running to catch the college bus late as always[somehow i make it],sleeping in the bus[a good 1 hour],listening to boring lectures and talking to my friends,going back an writing my blog and if possible doing whatever amount of studying and watching anime into whatever time ive got left,before i nod off to sleep quite late at 11:30..thats a whole days work to me…..goodnight! :0

50 MB

hey long time since i last blogged..2 days!!!! thats all due to the net problem at home…some person had reset the modem an so i cudnt get logged in…at all…..so finally the bsnl person came an fixd it…..but thers only 50 MB left now…hope i dont overexceeed 😉

Altho these days were normal ones..not too much of drama or trauma… just found out thers  alotta portion in chem and i still dont understand what he is teaching us!!!! :X its a complete waste sitting in his class…..

The sessionals are round the corner an hope i do well over ther..or its bye bye to hte net.!!!so later…

A Week Has Gone By

Completely Irritated !!!!!!!1 😦
for the last couple of days nothing regarding my pc seems to be goin right!!!!! 😡 first the net,then the c++ editor and then now its the printer …nooooo!!!

being crippled for the past two days witout the net was enuf…so only two days to go to the end of the month…then im back to the free browsing…whew!

One week since i started blogging ..so soon??…and i guess im addicted for good…i dont have enuf time for this..shud have started during my Holidays ,no.?

Thanks for visiting my blog all you people >>>>>:D

X’s and O’s

the test was not held today.thats a relief …but we wasted our time studying for it in our cpracs class :(of .anyway some people like raksha an akshata bunked the class for  reasons!!!! we enjoyed the class in the last benches …..seems like sir was quite angry with us..feels like a tough paper is coming up fr this sessionals…..all this coz we were answering his questins frm the text k…he also caught madhu for it …everyun was the least bit interested in the chem class today…..x ‘s and o’s…thats what they were playin around me in the last benches……anymore im takin the txtbook to collge to prompt …prompting is fun!!!!!!

as long as the answers are in the txtbook…coz one of the questions ..woke up all of us sleepin in the last benches,,,,since it wasnt ther in the txt…

we’ve been travelin in the college bus for only 5 bucks for the past few weeks…from nitte to mangalore…imagine that..its like 62 kms!!!!..all the 5 bucks go into the conductors pocket…so everyun was happy…but the authorities found that out an so now we have to give the counductor the coupons!!!! 😦

so …the afternoons was occupied by a seminar…by resonance holdings ..a placement company….from the us..seems they r setting up a iap ™[industrial awareness program]…its supposed to train us for the it industry..an is supposed to be integrated into our timetable…..but its optional an cost bout 40,000….so like put some of us into deep thinking…..but who kno what well do…only time can tell

other wise..we did come home..an me instead of completeing the home wrk..sat on the net…

i got opera 9 and the itunes player today…the proxy sites on the net cant be used to access orkut..we tried eveything…so we r giving up…..

thers the next page comin up…i m thinkin of a book review of one of my recent fav books…any help from u out ther on how to use wordpress to the max!!!!Plus is opera or firefox better for browsing????

ive been bloggin too much i feel that …also blog at college…since thers nothing else to do!!! 🙂 :@

One More DAy!!

AGGHHH!!!!…i have almost spent the monthly quota of the net for this month!!! thers only 100 MB left..i cant believe thats happened..this is the first time in 4 months!!! plus i ve spent 450 of that MB just in the last 4 days after i opend ma blog!!!!
so thers somehow goin to be rationing of the net at home from today…And to think that next month onwards im gonna be shifting to the 400MB plan..God Help Me!!!!!
Another sad thing is that..tomoros the Chem test!!! on electro chemm 😦 thats a horrid subject and our teacher is no better…Let Me Give you ppl an intro of him…he’s RB..The most ineffecient teacher who i have ever met…His knowledge of english is extremly limited and im absolutely sure
his understanding of our doubts too…people have stopped listening to him…and as well as asking him doubts even the brainies…we people would have actually stopped attendin the class if it was not for the compulsory attendance of 87% ..my god thts too high..arent we human too????:(
After the two failed Mass bunk tried by us all in the ameweek..The topic of Mass bunking has become a joke :P..no one is gonna attempt it again for sure ~~Ive been like a Nomad today..roaming evrywher in the class..i mean by shifting places every hour an its not only me evryon has suddenly begun to prefer the last benches!!!!the class is moving backwards and the front benches are becoming increasingly vacant!! complete contrast to the beggining of the year!!The net was down in coll so cudnt try to access orkut today!!!! im rite now listening to Snow patrols “chasing cars” ,Limp bizkits “behind blue eyes”,Blink 182s “i Miss You”,Simple plan “Vacation”,….more..any recommends from u rock lovers out ther?????

Saturday is Monday!!!

well today im just pissed off with whats happend in college!!!!!

Surprise!!! Saturday has become a Monday!!!!!!
As if we really needed it…all this is due to a strike which will block the road we will travel to college on……plus…some sadistic person from college got an brilliant idea of keeping class for the full day!!!! come on Cant they just give us a holiday…thay just convertd the shortest day of the week to the longest possible day…byebye sleeping in the afternoon on my bed…must make do in college.
and just for those who r readin this..monday too is monday!!!!!
thers nothing worse than losing a weekend!!!!! 😦

WEll the other thing is that Orkut has been blocked in college for a complete week now…god knows i have tried to break thru it using proxy servers an what not…no use…seems that its been blocked at the main server!!!!nothing short of hackin will cure that~!!!!

EXcept for the stupid circular today was overall a nice day …since we have only CAD(thats Computer Aided Design for those who dontkno!)and BE….oops forgot Maths…actually we all did as no one was ther in the class for Maths..but sir did take up that class later in the afternoon……