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okay so there i was a bit frustrated for reasons with me alone!!! and i got something to vent it on 🙂

This Tag has been courtesy of Sindhu

Here goes nothing!!! i dont think i have really done it right 😦

1.(a) Pick out a scar you have..

Hmm the one on my left arm near my wrist is my favorite among the many 😛

(b) ..and explain how you got it

odd thing really…slid on loose soil while playing Cricket on Republic day while in 8th standard..broke my hand and made my friends laugh all in one go!!! missed a school test due to that !!! Yay!!!

2. What does your phone look like?

really really blue and slim!!!

3. What is on the walls of your bedroom?


starting clockwise from the door …

wall 1 contains the door..the switchboard , a very messy iron shelf,the spare gas cylinder..containing an assortment of junk and other important stuff of all at home..

wall 2 contains my very adorable table which is forever in a stable state of equilibrium 🙂

another small table with my Dads stuff on it(the guitar occasionally leans over here)!!! the tubelight and a poster with Peace written on it..

wall 3 contains a window,a steel cupboard,the newspaper pile… and the bedside table with part of the Bed against the wall!!!

wall 4 contains the bed and a window and at the top a ventilation opening!!

4. What is your current desktop picture?

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?
i dont think it affects me at all??

6. What do you want more than anything right now?
the freedom to access the Computer as and when possible (reason for frustration!!!)

7. What time were you born?

dont remember!!! on a tuesday thats all i pretty much know 😦

8. Are your parents still together?

a bit complicated but not what u might think!!!

9. Last person who made you cry?

Hmm… needs more thinking!!!

10. What is your favorite perfume/cologne?

Axe unlimited!!!

11. What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?

never gave it a thought 😛 ..anything goes i guess 😉

12. What are you listening to?


13. Do you get scared of the dark?

ya if the settings are creepy enough or if my mind has nothing else to do than spook me 😛

14. Do you like pain killers?

am not comfortably Numb i guess 😦

15. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

usually!!!! 🙂

16. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

list to big..still “Death By chocolate” by Cornerhouse,Bangalore is high on that list  !!!

17. Who was the last person you made mad?

My sister while i was writing this and she wanted to read Harry Potter 7..

18. Is anyone in love with you?

Hmm.. im not sure at all ??? !!!

thats the end!!! and yes the next people im going to Tag are gonna be Equi(do it after u come back), Shruthi and Ram,…why , u ask did i torment you??? easy..i dont know anymore people who might actually read the blog ( other the ones who have already been tagged that is :P)


Orkut chains

well have you people got the message saying that..

send this to all on ur list to see who has added u to their crush list

#C_var_crsLst=1 {1,0}

well i googled the script and came up with this blog entry!!! hey and Orkut is celebrating its 3rd birthday…

and what about this one???

so who has a crush on u?…

this is creepy its called mind reader. send this to every1 on ur list
and then press F8 and ur crushes name will appear on ur screen

well on its third birthday Orkut did announce some new features…like scrap through SmS…which is now only open to Brazilians..and the much needed change in the timings in the orkut scrapbook..finally its on IST ..also they added “Video” option and i went pretty wild adding a lot of videos…its just something people expected from google since it does own Youtube an Google Video..

Here are my Videos 

well i added Equilibrium to my orkut list lately..aparently searching manually for me  is kind of difficult…anyway the plan for Manipal still seems on even though i dont know how many of us will actually end up going there..

Got Spammed Yet???

                      Fukitol..Wonder Drug

well i wanted to write this post ever since Advitiya commented on the last blog ” Phishing” remember..but i was waiting till the number goes past 100 on my blog..well its 123 now when i started writing this and now it has come up to 141..Have You people noticed that most of the Spam is Male-centric..right from Viagra to the Penis size to Porn..(no offense)Now whats the deal with that…???do the spammers believe that men are more gullible???Studies have shown that eventhough a male brain is 10% larger than a woman’s ,a woman’s brain has 11% morebrain cells in the cortical area which is responsible for all the judgement and reasoning.so perhaps spammers know that a woman thinks twice before clicking on a link advertising “Shop for 50% discount!!”( who knows??)so not a lot of spam mail is targeted at them.Atleast i dont recall reading any..Guys usually assert themselves in most situations and are more distracted by quite a lot of things( u know what i mean 😈 )

well spamming is back with a vengeance..Earlier when i used to use rediffmail hardly any spam would get through..but lately the filter isn’t any god at all..and nowadays Gmail is also letting in a lot of stuff..mostly saying”YOU Have Won a Lottery Of $2 million” but if you try to actually get some money for a contest that you had never joined , those people they will ask for your credit card number and i wont advise you to do so..

Statistics tell us that 76 of the 100 mails originating from here are spam mails.the global average? well its just 54.And india’s spam just forms 1% of the spam of the 25 most spam producing nations which nonetheless is topped by The US of A with a whopping 52%.welland spammnig seems to be lucrative too with even if one million mails are sent out and even if it leads to about 100 sales the spammer makes about $85,000-$100,000.that’s a whole lot of cash!!!! and well i guess that’s why we will continue to recieve them mails..and just remember that when u are deleting those that no one in this world has been spared from this.Well with the spamming volumes set to increase for sure “Get ready to be spammed for Sure this Year”.


superenalotto@bellsouth.net” <superenalotto@bellsouth.net>     Jan 15 (1 day ago)            
to info@superenalotto.net
date Jan 15, 2007 9:29 PM
subject Congratulations: You Have Won
mailed-by bellsouth.net



You have won,

With the introduction of new types of games, with the ushering in of on-line technology and with the permits issued under EU law to EU countries to compete for concessions to run games in Italy and on the internet, we are launching our first international program.

From the results of the draw that took place on the 12th of January 2007. Your E-mail address has come up as one of the winners; you have therefore won the sum of One Million United States Dollars (US $1,000,000, 00). This is from a total cash prize of Ten Million United States Dollars (USD$10,000,000.00) shared amongst Ten Lucky Winners in the Category A+.

This cash prize must be claimed not later than the 30th of January 2007. After this date all unclaimed prizes will be declared void. Claimants must be over 20 years of age. All entries must adhere to the Terms and conditions stated in our official page. To view the terms click on this link: http://enalott.termlink.biz.ly/terms.htm or paste it in your browser.

You must read the terms and conditions and understand them before responding. After reading the terms and conditions, contact your processing agent to file for your claim under reference number: 05/08-OMO/777/06.

Mr. Giulio Romano.
Email: agent_giulioromano@libero.it

You are to quote your winning reference number when responding.

Finally, we call on you to make sure that you save a copy of this mail because you might be called upon to produce it at anytime.
Congratulations once more from all of us at Superenalotto and thank you for being part of our promotional program.

Via Allesio di Tocqueville 13-20154 Milano, Italy

************DO NOT DELETE THIS MESSAGE***********




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