Second year going

the results were out last sunday and it was official that i had passed the first year with flying colours!!! no surprise there..just thought i might get a bit lesser..thankfully my principle of never expecting ur results works wonders everytime.

as talked about last time..this time round there’s a new guy in class…a senior who rejected his 3 sem marks and ended up in our class..Man! is he irritating…he creeps everyone out!!!!! while talking to people he pokes them, catches their hands and pleads them for help…i feel that its a nice guy and almost the last one not to have yelled at him ” to Keep away!!” as a result he asks me a varied amount of things which is the reason why my friends used to call him my ” new best friend”. Into first month, he was the talk of the class and the next as well 😛 now things have cooled out and the topics have changed to better things like branch changes and section changes.

another thing about Second year…we are on the third floor of the old building!!!thats where the EC dept. is …its ok…nice vantage point and all 🙂 also for some reason our timetable isnt so packed as it was in the first year . we are gettin a whole lot of free hours and half days. i guess so far we might have had abut 5 full days till 4. All the better coz we laze around with lunch and then come home. The EC lecturers too have been taking a lot of holidays and so its good!!! we were supposed to have sunday class this week but we managed to shift all our classes or cancel them.The lecturers werent gonna come, why should we????

second year also means that we are gonna have to study our core subjects . here’s what i will be studying this sem.

  • Network Analysis
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Electronic instrumentation
  • Field Theory
  • logic design
  • and of course, math-3
  • Digital and analog lab are the two labs.

ive just got one eBook and a couple of solution manuals so far.. we also xeroxed the recommended texts , just so that it would be lighter on our pockets 🙂 we are still waiting for out VTU texts to be released. i only have Math for now.

going through the library i came across this book which i wanna read next!!!!! and my guitar playing has improved 🙂

ive been having some probs with my comp slowing down due to lack of RAM so havnt been active much this week. sorry for not commenting on ur blogs..i have read most of the posts. will comment soon.


Hmmm… this Holidays i just joined the Corporation Bank Centenary Library !! they have a really good collection of contemporary writing…im going crazy!!! also i can borrow my Text books for next Semester :))

Been reading quite a bit… read Artemis Fowl ..a unusual fantasy with a Anti-hero as the main Protagonist..but the better Book i got last time was Kiran Desai’s “Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard” ..Awesome,’s a short description.

“Hullabaloo..” is mainly about the life of 20 year old post office-clerk, Sampath Chawla, who decides that his life is going nowwhere and decides that enough is enough!!!! so one fine day when his family is out at a wedding he runs away from his house in the town of Shahkot. and then the story really starts!!! he starts to live in a Tree in an abandoned Guava Orchard, the ensuing events are real entertaining,…the Author has incorporated a lot of characters, some very Eccentric..My Favorite is the Hypochondriac CMO (chief Medical Officer) who is worried about stomach ulcers and drinks Onion Juice as a cure …She’s also done a really good story line which i feel is better than her second work which won the Man Booker Prize in 2006; The inheritance of Loss. Shahkot brings to life the non-sleepy kinda eastern town which kinda reminds you of R.K. Narayan’s Malgudi!! The travails of a boy mistaken to be a godman and whole lot of crazy sub-plots make this a very interesting read!!! try to get it!!!

Now reading : The cult sci-fi comedy ” the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ” by Douglas Adams!!! more about that later