Saturday is Monday!!!

well today im just pissed off with whats happend in college!!!!!

Surprise!!! Saturday has become a Monday!!!!!!
As if we really needed it…all this is due to a strike which will block the road we will travel to college on……plus…some sadistic person from college got an brilliant idea of keeping class for the full day!!!! come on Cant they just give us a holiday…thay just convertd the shortest day of the week to the longest possible day…byebye sleeping in the afternoon on my bed…must make do in college.
and just for those who r readin this..monday too is monday!!!!!
thers nothing worse than losing a weekend!!!!! 😦

WEll the other thing is that Orkut has been blocked in college for a complete week now…god knows i have tried to break thru it using proxy servers an what not…no use…seems that its been blocked at the main server!!!!nothing short of hackin will cure that~!!!!

EXcept for the stupid circular today was overall a nice day …since we have only CAD(thats Computer Aided Design for those who dontkno!)and BE….oops forgot Maths…actually we all did as no one was ther in the class for Maths..but sir did take up that class later in the afternoon……