One More DAy!!

AGGHHH!!!!…i have almost spent the monthly quota of the net for this month!!! thers only 100 MB left..i cant believe thats happened..this is the first time in 4 months!!! plus i ve spent 450 of that MB just in the last 4 days after i opend ma blog!!!!
so thers somehow goin to be rationing of the net at home from today…And to think that next month onwards im gonna be shifting to the 400MB plan..God Help Me!!!!!
Another sad thing is that..tomoros the Chem test!!! on electro chemm 😦 thats a horrid subject and our teacher is no better…Let Me Give you ppl an intro of him…he’s RB..The most ineffecient teacher who i have ever met…His knowledge of english is extremly limited and im absolutely sure
his understanding of our doubts too…people have stopped listening to him…and as well as asking him doubts even the brainies…we people would have actually stopped attendin the class if it was not for the compulsory attendance of 87% god thts too high..arent we human too????:(
After the two failed Mass bunk tried by us all in the ameweek..The topic of Mass bunking has become a joke one is gonna attempt it again for sure ~~Ive been like a Nomad today..roaming evrywher in the class..i mean by shifting places every hour an its not only me evryon has suddenly begun to prefer the last benches!!!!the class is moving backwards and the front benches are becoming increasingly vacant!! complete contrast to the beggining of the year!!The net was down in coll so cudnt try to access orkut today!!!! im rite now listening to Snow patrols “chasing cars” ,Limp bizkits “behind blue eyes”,Blink 182s “i Miss You”,Simple plan “Vacation”,….more..any recommends from u rock lovers out ther?????

Saturday is Monday ..Part 2

Well Here i am again
so sorry for the delay in what was Saturday is Monday Part 2!!….

..another day another blog!!!!!!

wELL as the title says so..i ended up sittin in the last bench,….the fredom over thr is to die for.

😦 today was a monday!!! inspite of all our efforts. we even tried to mass bunk… that was a failed attempt!!!! 2/3 rds of the class attended the class in the end since we were threatened with”dire consequences” others came back the nxt hour!!!
we wernt the only ones who had bunkd..the othr classes were equally unsuccessful!!! i think our class has set a record of sorts..alredy within a month of joinin coll ,we have tried to mass bunk twice!!! 😉

our class did get into some trouble…but i think we can get around it…..the sad thing was that some ppl who had bunked had the nerve to blame the class rep for the bunk……!!!!

if they didnt want to go …why did they go then????? they cud have stayed in class,nah…

again..i came bck by a diffrnt route..and had a lotta fun on the college bus!! TOmoros definitely a sunday….hahaha

btw i have added a new link to my favorites…thats my hi5 profile!!!

The Night is still young

well here ..what do i say….i was gonna study..but cudnt put in much of it!!!! …the most intresting thing that i read today was the editorial page of the STOI …that Jug Suraiya’s Jugular Vein usually cracks me up!!!! 😀 i never knew words like,ululation , colloquy,phantasmagoric ,,…existed 🙂 the article was about caller ringtones and why do they exist…..which were chanced upon by the author Jug….

i love contemporary writing!!!!! its the best part of news paper!!!

Fiction isnt as Funny….when compared to real life!!!!

on the other hand!!! this was brought to the notice of me by my friend Karthik…just type Failure on google and click on im feeling lucky option…ull definitely find it funny!!!! 😉

When i die!!!!

My friends found out a new site…i think that u guys shud chck it out..its hilarious!!!!!

See this

it tells me that i will die
Kenneth Mark Desouza: At age 24 you will die fighting the Global War on Terrorism in Spain.

Kenneth Mark Desouza: At age 46 you will die while partaking in a particularly intense meditation session.

Kenneth Mark Desouza: At age 22 you finally kick the heroine habit! Congratulations. Unfortunately you stopped because you died from an overdose.

Kenneth Mark Desouza: At age 28 you will die lonely and alone.


Saturday is Monday!!!

well today im just pissed off with whats happend in college!!!!!

Surprise!!! Saturday has become a Monday!!!!!!
As if we really needed it…all this is due to a strike which will block the road we will travel to college on……plus…some sadistic person from college got an brilliant idea of keeping class for the full day!!!! come on Cant they just give us a holiday…thay just convertd the shortest day of the week to the longest possible day…byebye sleeping in the afternoon on my bed…must make do in college.
and just for those who r readin this..monday too is monday!!!!!
thers nothing worse than losing a weekend!!!!! 😦

WEll the other thing is that Orkut has been blocked in college for a complete week now…god knows i have tried to break thru it using proxy servers an what not…no use…seems that its been blocked at the main server!!!!nothing short of hackin will cure that~!!!!

EXcept for the stupid circular today was overall a nice day …since we have only CAD(thats Computer Aided Design for those who dontkno!)and BE….oops forgot Maths…actually we all did as no one was ther in the class for Maths..but sir did take up that class later in the afternoon……