Talks I love

This page is my attempt to keep a list of design talks that has made me feel something.

Mike Monteiro’s How designers destroyed the world

How designers destroyed the world

I watched Mike Monteiro’s How designers destroyed the world during design school and its one of those videos I come back and watch every now and then. It is a must watch for any designer who wants to get started in the capitalistic software industry.

Last year(2019), Mike gave an updated version of the talk at Joint Futures conf which I got to watch live as the conference was streamed online.

Natasha Jen: Design Thinking is Bullsh*t

Design Thinking is Bullsh*t

The idea of ‘design thinking’ popularized by IDEO is what got business to notice design. In this talk, Natasha Jen argues how this act of putting design into a well defined box(for business consumption) has led to the dilution in quality of the design field.

When I was making this list, I came across her follow-up talk at Design Indaba which expands on the earlier one by exploring the argument with 6 reference questions.

Cabel Sasser, Panic – XOXO Festival

This is a story about building a company you want to work at, about not “scaling” and about living your best life.
h/t Robin

Doing is the hard part – Mark Stickdorn

Marc’s argues how design processes are messy and are rarely as simple as they are often pictured as and how prototypes are under-rated.

I couldn’t embed this video

Clayton Christensen’s Increasing sales of milkshakes

Yes, this is a business talk but it is a great example about how looking at data itself is not going to give you the insight to solve a problem.

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