Pincoding India

I was running through the book, Visualizing Data by Ben Fry and came across his pincode example for USA. I decided to replicate the example for India. Thus began my search for an geo-tagged dataset of indian pincodes. Sadly it does not exist. The best set of easily available data is hosted by datameet at

I ran the set through Tilemill and found large parts of India still untagged especially almost all of Maharashtra and Bihar. I asked Arun and he told me that ” there are no official public datasets available. But there is reasonably good coverage in the openstreetmap data. The simplest way to view the data is to probably use” which I will try to explore for now.


You could help by mapping your own pincode on this website. Go on, it only takes a minute.


Author: inosaint

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4 thoughts on “Pincoding India”

  1. Hi, I stumbled across your website as I was looking for India’s geo coded pin code map. I have no prior knowledge of visualization, but wanted to plot some data on the Indian map.
    That lead me to the site, which has an excel sheet containing the pincode, down to the post office level (about 1.5 lakh lines).
    As you have said in your post that no geo coded map exists, i was wondering whether it is possible to map the pincodes based on the pincodes data and google maps, which has already mapped the districts, taluk, city etc.

    1. Where did you find this? is for US and not India. I do not think has the pincode excel sheet. Could you link me to it?
      I was told that you can extract the data from OpenStreetMap.
      What we need in India is a map with pin code boundaries much like a constituency map.

      Update: I looked and found the directory. I think we could probably geo-tag and map it. Maybe I’ll try when I have time.

  2. Thanks for the reply. I am a lawyer so am not too sure about the tech end. If you could point me in the right direction, I could also try my hand at the same.

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