#GSJBLR13: Experiences

I was apprehensive about whether I should register for the Global Service Jam 13. The Semester was ending and lot of work was yet to be done, there was also Open Data Meet happening at Bangalore and a whole plethora of other events. After attending the past 2 Yahoo hackathons, I was curious about how a design jam would be like and that was the sole reason that I opted to Jam.

Day 1:

We hurried from our workshop with Prof Vinod Vidwans to the Thoughtworks office at the other side of town. Being an NID-ian you never end up being a stranger at such events, but the problem was also that you had to team up with people you did not know.

Me and Noopur wrote down our names under the ‘Others’ category so that we would end up in teams without friends.

Team introduction followed, the theme was released.

Team ‘@loo k7’ was born after discussion with the team.

Then the brainstorming began, it was not easy.

By 9pm, we had settled on a general, still very open ended, idea/concept.

Day 2:

Saturday began lazily as the team drifted in.

A lot of debate about how to proceed happened with a mentor chipping in his 2 cents.

With a brief outline of the research questions made, we were off into the wilderness to get answers from users.

Back after the research, we sat down to consolidate and were faced with a problem that we could not solve.

Talking with people led us to change our output  idea in a tangential way.

The talks followed.

Post talks we decided on the tangential idea which seemed logical.

Day 3:

We were back but we were only 6 now.

Our tangent idea was thrown out after a discussion with one mentor.

We understood how to create a business plan and after a talk with an expert on the subject were on our way to building the service.

Somehow we ended up finishing the pitch and presented to our jury.

We didn’t make it through but I did quite a bit from the whole experience.

Jams are different from hackathons primarily because here the team’s ideation and the research help you come up with the output. Having a well balanced team is essential for the product to be good. I did meet some awesome people and the event was organised well. And NO I am not going to upload the end presentation here because it kinda sucked but I shall leave you all with a harlem shake video at the jam.

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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