Paldi Diaries: First Impressions

One of the specialties of NID is that there is a concept of an ‘open’ elective which allows 4th semester UG and 2nd semester PG students to indulge themselves with a course module in any of the 3 campuses. I had heard so much about the main heritage campus at Paldi that I made up my mind to visit the place for my open elective. I chose ‘Shadows of Age’ because it had a foreign faculty, talked about yoga, free dance and meditation and also the end product of a shadow play seemed interesting.
We arrived at Paldi and spent time exploring the campus. We see how chilled out the place is. We see some great work displayed. We see no obvious rules being followed. There is heritage on display. Its just a free zone. It acts as a cocoon from the outside world. In this part of the world, life seems fun, lively and filled with interesting things. This is both good and bad but it was obvious that the more I saw the more I fell in love with it. I would not mind spending more time here; reading books at the kmc, playing Frisbee on the lawn, hanging at the BMW, watching movies or eating at the mess. I am sure that I shall miss this place after these 2 weeks. But I am glad that I got to experience it. The main difference here is that I see people working with fervour which is what I miss seeing in Bengaluru. But then I wonder if I would want to work that much myself.

P.S. Rough post written via the tablet.

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