Origins: Mad Hunter Skozaken

“Mostly the next post will be one on the english blunders of our chemistry sir RB…which were noted down by a friend of mine while me and another guy were busy with our thesis on how to win Tic Tac Toe with all the various possibilities.”

Okay i know the guy who noted down the english blunders was Ajith but who was ‘the theory dude’?

Ha. It was Raison. Found it some more posts later. Wonder if he remembers that theory 😀

This timepass during class evolved as we went through the semesters to sketching superheroes on the desks, playing sudoku on the desk, etc. We also did anagrams which let to the formation of my anagrammed name: Mad Hunter Skozaken which you now find on my blog title.

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

4 thoughts on “Origins: Mad Hunter Skozaken”

  1. I remembered something, his old dialogue ‘If u r taken in flask and added with distilled water and titrated with ……. with …… as indicator’ and one more ‘Throw d dustbin’

  2. Oh damn i had a anagram nick when i was back in 12th how the fuck can i forget that.Iam almost scratching my head

  3. VLSI class…it brought out a lot of hidden talents…… anagrams…desk art….sudoku…..!! and of course it was the beginning of our “STUDYING THE NIGHT BEFORE THE EXAM”….

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