Belled One Cat

Our trip to B’lore started at 10:30 on Thursday, It was freezing Cold and luckily i had got my jacket along. But my poor sandal-ed feet were frozen numb! we alighted the bus at around 8:30 and with skewed directions from Shilpika who had reached earlier were directed to the same lodge that they were staying at. Ramakrishna Lodge. The Food was decent but the ‘4 bed’ room sucked. but then we did not spend lot of time there. After Breakfast we decided to do dry run and set off to RV from platform 19, Majestic. We decided to buy the daily passes of Rs 32; the best option. Due to an accident and traffic we reached RV almost an hour later at 11:30. Had asked Rahul to meet and show us around. So thats what we did, checked some part of the campus and their hostels were cool! met Nolan on our way back. actually we were on the Way to KFC. muhahaha! The bill was steep! especially we were funding Rahul. Then we were back to the room and slept. Tushar went to meet his sis and friends to Koramangala. Raison and Me decided to stay back and brush up our basics. So thats what we did till around 11.

The Next day started with Tushar’s alarm rudely awakening us around 5:15. i still stayed in bed till 5:40. Then we rushed out and had breakfast and were off to catch a bus at 7. Shilpika was already there and we had woken up Rahul just in case we needed to dump our back packs in his room. They allowed us in at around 8. The Process sis not look very smooth because one of the site candidate list hadnt been recieved. Moreover, my name was also not on the list of my site. There were 2 other such people in my room. We sorted out our matter with the site incharge, who was very helpful. Our belongings were We were told our site was reallotted to the first floor. It was. We found our names and i did not have any other problems expect for the delayed start in the test and also the comp getting hung before my session began. Everything else went well but i could see chaos around me and the assistants did not seem to be well informed about backup protocols. After coming out i came to know that Tushar and few others who had the same prob as me did not get to write their tests. I dont know what had happened. The same mess that was sorted out for us wasnt done for them. Now, do i call myself lucky? those guys had also been allotted the same changed site as me but no one had notified them. All our admit cards had only our original site numbers on them. They finally were told to mail the Prometric guys and ask for a re-allottment. Now we have Lab semesters starting tomorrow, what help would a re-allottment do for vtu students travelling from all over to b’lore to write it? it would be a waste of time and money. I hope they’ll somehow sort out all the mess thats currently present.
My first therefore was eventful, online and much easier than expected πŸ™‚

Lunch saw us at McDonalds of nearby Gopalan Mall. Next stop was Avenue Road to get OFC and PE texts for semester studying, then we headed back to our room and rested. Around 7 i went out exploring and bought a Navy blue Tee at Koutons. Tushar s sis shopped a lot for him. And he also ended up buying a jacket for the cold. Dinner was chicken biryani and tikka at a place called ‘Talk of the Town’. We packed, sorted out our bills and checked out at around 10. Bus was at 10:35.

i reached home at 8:30 and have been online since πŸ™‚
Planning to do a little lab study later today!

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