Spectra: Day 1

This blog seems to resemble a College Fest review as the past few posts have been ‘fest’ related 😛 well P.A.C.E., M’lore hosted their first Inter-Collegiate fest today. I had to be there mainly because my good friend Ashri was one of the Chief- Coordinators 🙂

Day 1 was fun! we(Me and Rasion) qualified for Wordgames but lost the 2nd place to Rajat and Vigneshwar because of that Damn Tongue Twister Round 😦 “Larry sent the Latter a Letter Later”.
Our DC performance was unexpectedly good.. Its our best so far, in my opinion.
“Are you smarter than a First Year” saw Rajat and Karthik walk away with the First Place.
Execute had 2 of our teams in the 2nd round and even Gaming saw our teams move to the Next Level.

Tomorrow There’s Pot Pourri and DC finals for us.. hope they go well too..

Now There are a couple of things i did today that i am proud of 🙂

  • Me and Rajat hitched a ride in Their all Girl’s(normally) bus.
  • Spelt out ‘T I T S’ on stage at the Word games final round.

ha ha ha ha!

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