My Nitte to-do List

Its been a hectic start to the new semester at College; my seventh. The Final Year of B.E. life, the final year to realise our dreams, the final year to live life, to have fun and the final year to complete “the Things You need to DO while at Nitte”. The Newest checked item on my list is Having Bun-Palti with Cheese at Shashi’s. I had to Wait for about a year after i heard about it to actually taste it.

This list is more or less made of stuff that you need to try atleast once while at Nitte. Everyone has their own interests and their lists should reflect this. Me being a foodie and fun loving guy , my list essentially consists of these interests. They may seem mundane but sometimes you realise that you haven’t done that. Its the experience that s required.

Some of the stuff on the list that i have done are :

  1. Visit Parapady Falls.
  2. Eat Bun Palti.
  3. Take part in Fresher’s orientation.
  4. Ride in Toofan.
  5. Visit the “tribute to rock” murals at Shabari and have a bite to eat too.
  6. Eat Awesome Puri Bhaji at hut ( although i did not end up in panaji)

Well there are also some that are more like a personal achievement. Like staying real late in college, starting a club in college, being backstage, practising for events, singing in the department library, hanging out at MBA forest, watching a movie at Forever, roaming in Manipal and Karkala, studying at Sanmathi and definitely eating out at all the nearby joints and riding the College buses.

While all these things do bring up fond memories there are still quite a lot of things that i have not been able to do. A visit to Kemmanu temple, The Hanging bridge, Gomateshwara statue at Karkala, Bhoot bungalow( Rajat suggested this place) and the most awaited one undoubtedly is “the middle finger” like monolith 😀 (only 23ers will make sense of this one)

So there goes. I hope am able to complete the list and maybe add some more stuff to it while am here this way.

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

9 thoughts on “My Nitte to-do List”

  1. add chaturmukha basadi to the list too,its right opposite to the bahubali in karkala…i can show you the place 😉 (well i myself haven’t visited it..your to-visit list is tempting me..)

  2. I don’t like shashi.Watching it rain from IS Floor after six is one of most beautiful experience in Nittte.
    How come you forgot Ignitte and E-mail thing?Cover page design and eight people editing single page ………:).I am glad I was part of your above mentioned memories.


  4. This is such a adorable post. I am an alumni of Nitte ( Not Engineering) and I suddenly starting craving for Shashi’s bun palti one of the days. Bored in office, I thought let me just google it and to my surprise, I actually found a blog post about it. You’ve revived old memories. God bless you

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