My 21st

I never did finish that Tag from Advi. Sorry about that. The first question on that was to google the image of how old you’ll be on your next Birthday. Naturally i already knew that the Movie 21 would suit it right but what did really happen on my 21st is something i could never imagine. This is a short write up on what happened and also a THANK YOU! to all those who planned and made it happen. You people are the Best friends that money cant buy. The Nuttiest Nmamitians am glad to have known. Also thank you to all the people who wished-right from the midnight calls to the last sms that night!

Okay so i had been predicting that something would be up for my birthday. So on Saturday when Rajat started to turn the wheels in to motion i got the hint and decided to trouble them a bit 😉 Lida got a bit stressed and tried to convince me into going for mass on Sunday morning but i was just playing with them because anticipating i had already gone for mass on Saturday. Rajat’s Yarn was also quite full of bullshit too; on why he wanted me to come to Pabbas. Anyway i wanted to know how much of a surprise this would be so i decided to play along with them.

Around 4:45 i reach Lalbagh. Megan and Rajat are outside Pabba’s waiting for me. There’s some time delaying done until things are set. We loaf around till then. Praahas apparently finds a locked gate too high to jump over hence the delay. He was supposed to ambush me and tie a blindfold and kidnap me. Finally after some hiccups this gets done. They take me to the car driven by Elias and put me in. The car started. The blindfold was set right. My camera starts rolling. To skip boredom we have a casual conversation during which Rajat inadvertently lets out that we are going to Sulthan Battery. Another goof up on their part 😀 Finally we reach Battery, blindfolded with a dupatta i become quite a spectacle on the river shore as we wait for the Ferry. Madhu comes and wishes me. She couldn’t wait longer as she was bit busy that day. Praahas and Rajat lead me on. Finally the Ferry appears. They had booked the entire ferry for this. Naman helps me guide down the steps into the Ferry. I Hear Raison say something. They remove my blindfold. All my close college mates are here! Sindhu takes over the Camera from Elias. The Birthday song is sung in the Middle of the River and the Cake is cut! I would never have imagined this!! We reach the other side and then there’s the gift giving ceremony, the chocolate facial and also the Birthday Bumps(ouch!). All firsts. Somehow the chocolate gets cleaned off my face. We go to the beach. After some time these guys catch me and drop me into the water. We drench Sindhu 😛 and i help drop Rajat and Naman into the water. Karthik gets spared as he’s got to travel back to Manipal. Elias and Praahas are too huge for us to carry 😛 We spare the rest. We play Dog and the Bone and also do the Sunset Wish before leaving for home! Thats how it ends.

Inspite of all the goofups i absolutely loved this birthday surprise and i Love all these people who made it happen- Lida(Lidu), Rajat(Imp), Rishitha(Riz), Praahas(Mots), Elias(Goldberg), Mario(Mad), Karthik(Karth), Raison(Cow), Rathan(Rbk), Naman(Envy), Sindhu(Sin), Madhu (Madu), Akshatha (Aks). Also thank you to all those who couldn’t make it. This was one birthday that i could seriously never Forget!

The Video i made of it all is 30 minutes; too long. So wont be uploading it.


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