D!’s tag.

I am : ME.
I think : a LOT.
I know : reality sucks.
I want : a lot of money.
I have : a huge chocolate stash as of now( D! u arent the only one 🙂 )
I wish : for things to turn out right or sort out.
I hate : Studies and exams.
I miss : people.
I fear : butterflies and moths. I hear : music, yellings and lectures.
I smell sniff : kerosene.
I crave : a distraction. I search : on Google. I wonder : about Modern physics.
I regret : my mistakes.
I love : my entourage.
I ache : when people i love hurt me.
I was not : stupid.
I am not : a cricket lover.
I cry : rarely.
I believe : that god exists, death is inevitable and religion sucks ass.
I dance wanna dance : everyday.
I sing : bass. Not too good though.
I read : whatever you throw at me.
I don’t always : annoy people.
I fight : rarely.
I write : my thoughts.
I win : quizzes occasionally.
I lose : my stuff at home. Damn cleanliness.
I never : get to go on unofficial trips.
I always : whine.
I confuse : people 😀 I listen : to Hard rock and the Classical music! Go Beethoveen.
I can usually be found : sleeping, texting, eating ya chatting.
I am scared : that things will end.
I need : to feel cared for.
I am happy : when i forget my worries.

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

One thought on “i”


    *feels like a total ass for leaving “:D” as a comment on the cartoon post when there was this tag here*

    Ugh, i can be so stupid!! 😦

    Well well well……… HUGE stash huh?? Lucky you. I have only three huge bars. I have been low a lot lately. 😉

    *throws Indian Constitution @ kenneth*

    READ!!! 😛

    “I believe : that god exists, death is inevitable and religion sucks ass.”
    *thumbs up*

    PS: Still not happy with my alien. You get a dp and we get monsters?? Haw! 😦

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