Those Days

so another year, another hyped day. i know its just a marketing strategy like most other “days”. but like last year im taking time here to be nostalgic about 2 particular friends. Mr C and Mr J.

first up, Mr. C.. This guy pretty much became a good friend of mine when my ‘then’ best friend had to go to Bangalore in 8th because his sis wanted to join St. Josephs there. Mr. C had just come to mangalore a year ago in 7th. Both of us shared some common likes especially sketching/drawing and anime. He’s not one to read books but one amazing musician. So as the years went by we got pretty close especially in the PUC. when we were joined by Mr. J–his first impression of me still makes me chuckle everytime i think of it. Its because of him i came to know all the Aloysius guys. Now Mr. J is a bit slow and Totally detests math. i know that because i had to help him with it, argue aginst his faulty concepts and what not.

Now these two know me quite well. atleast the type of guy i was at that time. thats till PUC2 🙂 i spent plenty of time chatting with them in between classes. That maybe why they might have lagged behind in their grades 😛 but right now both are doing quite good with what they have opted for. different fields all 3 of us. Engineering, Biotechnology and medicine. because of that too we dont get to hang out as often as we like. but everytime we meet up it takes us back to all the crazy stuff that we did. God! Those were the transition years for most of us. thats when we decided to be who we want to be known as. Im glad i had these two for company. they know how my mind acts. i miss their teasing and the jokes. the slacking off during classes even though i used to be the guy who does stuff on time. the company we kept and other stories which will simply run into pages.

These two will always remain close to me. We surround ourself with different types of people now but The Three Musketeers will live forever 🙂

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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