why so serious?

watched Dark Knight today at Adlabs.. i wasnt going to miss this movie eventhough most of the people had ended up going for it on monday when i was on my way back from Hassan. well back to the Movie. It was downright awesome. the first half can itself be packaged as a movie in itself. Heath Ledger’s Potrayal of The Joker was new and brilliant. i would love to know the Origin of this Joker. Christian Bale fits the role of the playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne to a T. well the sad part is that Heath Ledger is no more 😦 i wonder who will they get to replace him in a sequel. The Joker is the Quintessential Batman Villain. i will miss this rendition.

My opinion is that the Movie broke box office records due to The Joker and the hype was all justified. Go watch it!!

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

3 thoughts on “why so serious?”

  1. Yeah man!! Easily the best comic character movie I`ve ever seen. It beats V for Vendatta by a whisker! Heath Ledger was just just awesome. All we can do is… stare at the screen awestruck.

  2. I toooooo wanna watch it damn badly…
    wanna watch Hancock, Jaaney tu ya jaaney na and THe dark knight.. ive downloaded kung fu panda already..

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