Microcontroller Labs: Not GOod

yes since they were exactly that. Not good. i wont be talking much about it. ever since we joined the EC dept. our labs have become original stuff. we get problems which are loosely based on lab programs. all we got to do is cross your fingers and hope that the code you right or the circuit you rig up does what its supposed to do. well thats exactly what didnt happen today. i got to write assembly code for adding n BCD numbers. you got to enter the numbers through the keyboard and then get the output display on the LCD. My first program had a output display problem which i modified later. dont know how many marks i ll lose for that. Got the Ouput. The Program actually works perfectly for 10 BCD numbers, after that errors creep in when the carry values exceed due to ASCII values after 39 contain symbols.eg., suppose i add 99 eleven times i get “:89” as the output-Notice the colon-instead of 1089( i guess).

next up was a wave output on the CRO. i had got a square and triangular wave with a 2 second period and existing between 3-5v. i couldnt manage to get the tri wave output uptil 5 without compensating on the period. so that ended like that. what was even more messed up was the fact that the comp where i wrote that interfacing program refused to switch on after the power went off a couple of times. so i had to type it all over again.

hey! i wrote quite a bit about this. hmm… well am hoping for the best. Next up HDL.

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

2 thoughts on “Microcontroller Labs: Not GOod”

  1. don worry Rekha is known for tuff questions and good marxeven people who get partial can hope 40!
    god knows who i will get tomorrow

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