a Halo of a conversation

i’ve really begun to enjoy these conferences that the 3 of us have been having lately πŸ˜€ The conversations just come up like we are actually speaking to each other face to face. abstract topics.. comments… honesty. Totally enjoyable πŸ™‚

so here we were, the 3 of us. me just done with mc labs and not too happy. so finally i decided to get my southpark avatar from sp-studio. 3 months after i thought about it. now thats procrastination!!!

The Halo in the pic irked Ajan a bit and he went and got his own halo.

Cant you see the Aura around him???

i feel it would have looked better if his tongue wasnt sticking out. no offence SRI SRI SRI AJANANANDA SWAMI !!!! πŸ˜€

Here’s to more conversations that overflow into blog posts. Cheers!!!!

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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