One hour Photo

there was a time when all the photos that we got were caught on film and developed in a ‘dark room’. All that took quite a bit of time and when we had to take a passport photo we could get it only on the next day. with the advent of digital cameras and their widespread use they 24 hour(min) wait reduced to barely an hour. that was a huge difference; a revolution. Taking photos became very easy and easily procurable. but one problem still remained which had risen up now; there were no Negatives. that meant that if you ran out one print of photos, you would have to go and take another snap of yourself every single time. yeah there was no waste of time due to the express procedure. but you still ended up paying up for it. you know all along it would have been easier if the photo shop would keep a record of all the photos which it takes. you know, like a back up copy; after all it isnt much of a space hogger. but then what would they get out of it ?? every time you go for a new photo they make more moolah from the processing. hence largely that feature isnt available with the photo shops.

well i thought of writing about this because i do know a place which offers this service-The PAX photoshop at AB Shetty circle next to Cochin Bakery . it stores the photos in CDs and you get a serial number which you can refer to if you need to for future use. i had come to know of this in March but wanted to try it out before i blogged about it. so today as my bro needed stamp sized photos made and i remembered about this. so i did go to the place and they said it was true that they could do it in about half an hour. Cool!

This Photo lab is actually a very busy one . as i waited i watched lots of small time photographers- the ones that take photos at a wedding and other functions getting their photos developed and albums being made.

Thats pretty much it 🙂

Author: inosaint

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