Comics and me

so here we are again. another study holidays. another boring set of days.

ok so here is one of things that got me interested. Comic Books. Yes, Comic Books. i’ve always been a fan of Comics; Marvel and DC. Xmen and alternate stories especially. Read quite a few and bought whenever i could. but the fact that comics are very rare to come by in India i had to be content with the books in the Local libraries. the only fault with that was that you couldnt get to read continuous series. ok so the other day when i visited Demonoid i came across torrent links for COMICS!! i didnt know there were people out there who actually scanned comics and put them on torrents. well being a customer of BSNL ‘s HOME 250 plan i’ve never gone hunting for torrents if you think that i was ignorant or a noob or something. And so was completely surprised to find the torrents.

Ok so how do you read these comics?? they usually come in compressed formats: zip, rar, ace or tar archive file. i thought you needed to unzip those files and then somehow read them. well i dint have the time that day after i downloaded my first comic, DC Universe 0. after 2 days, during a casual conversation about loafing during study holidays , i came to know that my friend was reading Naruto Manga. thats how i came across “Cdisplay“, an awesome reader to read comics. It auto decompresses the files and allows you to read the comic. read more at the page.

ok so here’s to the future!! will be reading more soon. sent the files to a couple of friends to get me some more as i cant do it myself. something to wait for these hols. apart from more SouthPark Episodes 🙂

Currently very interested with Final Crisis-a new series on DC.

Thanks to: Sindhu for the Demonoid invitation code ( even though i hadnt asked 😀 )  and to Rahul for letting me know about Cdisplay.

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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