Top guitar riffs, huh?

i came across this list in The Week and decided to write it as part of my music posts.

The List.

London Tech Music School which has taught some of the members of Top bands held a poll and the list was a result of it. the top 25 apparently but going through it one would find a lot of music and Bands missing while there are apparent favorites in there too.

Some of my favourites arent included like no Santana and no Eric Clapton either. Smoke on the water takes Top honours( a fave) 🙂 and Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes is the latest band/riff in( i havnt heard the original yet, only covers). Some of my faves like Sweet Child of Mine, Under the Bridge, Highway to hell are in. the list is not something that would make everyone happy.

Perhaps someday i would finally be able to play most of those songs. right now learning the second lead of Hotel California. Heyy! that isnt on the list either!!

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