glazed over

the day was more or less the same….. the start of the EC fourth sem!!! typically started off with what we have become so accustomed to-no class.
Actually we had labs which are not held in the first week so afternoon free, yay! plus LIC ma’am left us after just 15 minutes of class.
as it is, the wednesday is the prescribed half day but i forsee more πŸ™‚ with tutorials usually being the casualties.
The teachers are average. we got our NA sir teaching us S&S another mass-audi subject, which is good. The rest of the lecturers are new to us,
a couple of whom we have met earlier in the labs last sem. only time will tell how this even sem will turn up! what with apparently the fest line up and all.

the above para was written by me 2 days before this present one.. just observe the change in it.

the days are getting back to boring. our attention span has gotten less and i think that the new subjects are the culprits. every time that the lecturer turns towards the board , we look at each other and give a smile acknowledging the fact that not much is actually entering our heads.
rest of the time if i look around i mostly see people staring blindly at the board with blank faces showing no emotion. dazed.
ok so we have 2 HOD’s the EC and the Math one. most of the subjects that we have are frigtheningly horrible and most of what is taught so far sounds very much like gibberish.
its as a friend said ” this sem when we understand something its like we are glad we are making sense of something at least.”
also those free hours we enjoyed so much last sem are going to be scarce this time around with the B section getting 2 of the lecturers who allow their classes to be cancelled.
they already have tomorrow free due to that. the CS sir looks nice.. he’s one of the most experienced one in college.
In HDL u cant talk. MC sir wont allow us to come in t-shirts. most of our subjects deal majorly with maths.
Everywhere…. integrating, differentiating, laplace and z transforming, fouriers and other series… forming an integral part of the subject.

so here we go!!!!

p.s. we got saturday off πŸ™‚

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

2 thoughts on “glazed over”

  1. hey
    we screwed each of our sirs this time
    starting from pn junction to laplace n fouriers
    they r horrified with our basics
    n that is not our fault blame VTU!!
    n maths hod claasees may seem boring but the problms solved by her often comes in sem pprs
    n how is SV in setting sessional papers

  2. SV sets papers from old Question papers.. so i suggest you stock up before things go bad. we have him again this time na. hope he does the same this time too. either ways we are gonna get screwed πŸ™‚
    welcome to fourth sem!!!

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