Fourth Sem

so they have ended…
not glad that they have….
been busy..
my net got over and also was exceeded by about 75MB by the end of the month 🙂 i didnt contribute to that.

These holidays were the longest we got so far after engineering started.
i have got, transfered, and browsed through gigabytes of memory. the result being that i got around 40 GB onto the laptop 🙂
movies, music, ebooks, videos, et al…im actually writing this post on it. the typing is tough u know and my wrists hurt.
i wonder when i will ever be able to actually hear all the music i got 🙂 the drive says 126GB left.
its was 161GB before i started with it 2.5 weeks ago.
i did all the usual sem holiday stuff and some more.. and now am watching South park 🙂

so here’s what im going to be studying this sem. the fourth one.

1. Maths-4 (of course)
2. Microcontrollers (they threw out micro processors and put in this more advanced subject)
3. Control systems
4. Signal and systems (another mass ‘audi’ subject)
5. Fundamentals of HDL (something our 3rd year seniors will be studying along with us thanks to our revised syllabus)
6. Linear IC’s and applications (looks by far the simplest subject we have)

as for labs we got two of them.. HDL and Micro controller.

i hope we get these books early…after the mess last sem.

P.s. e-books to the above topics and other hints are welcome 😀

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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