there and now

things are ok. atleast thats what im saying and thats how it looks. for one thing im in the last countdown (5 days as of today) . bsnl has been acting pretty weird lately.. for the last 3 weeks or so. bothe the districts of Udupi and DK are having problems. and weird they are. well for one thing i can surf select pages, download stuff, chat online. but i cant access most of the pages. for eg. i can access my blog, read the ones on blogger (not all) and the other day i could access gmail too!!! weird!! hope it gets better. im currently writing this out of boredom. the first time in months that im actually blogging instantly(with an idea forming as i type). and yes, the net is down 🙂

well the last weekend was another “Superbad” weekend . thats what i call them. things go as wrong as they possibly can. not all. my labs went well. In the morning i realised that my SIM is not in my wallet!! i said to myself ” dont panic! it should be there on your shelf. concentrate on your lab first” and i forgot about it. after i reached home i spent a heck of a time searching for it. i double wrecked my table ( which means that its probably looking more organised than ever!!! ) but still couldn’t find. hunted through all the rooms. but it wasn’t there. so now in addition to the spoilt cell i had a lost SIM. i know you will want to ask me “how do i get into these messes?” i say ” aye! i manage somehow” *shrugs shoulders*  but one thing that was good was the Service at the Spice Hotspot. i had a new sim in 5 minutes flat. it also left me poorer by 112 rupees 😦 thats on Monday morning. the very same evening i caught ” I am Legend” at adlabs with the CS guys. which again made me poorer by 110. there were barely 50 people for the 3:15 show and guess the 4 of us would have been better off with the 70 rs ticket. Movie was good!! it was a different type. Of the paranoid futuristic genre that i like. i recommend it for a watch 🙂

oh yeah! i got my Cell back the next day. so am back messaging 🙂

since the net is down today. no orkutting or facebook for me. no IMing either. so for the first time in a while i was free. since blogger was accessible i ended up reading the backlog of blogs which i hadnt read. Sorry Guys!!! especially Ram. i just now noticed that Tag 😦 well now that i realised it. hope i start making amends.

thats my resolution 😉

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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