Labs..3rd sem

ok so well i had my two labs for the third sem .. the finals… last week.. on thursday and saturday!! they went on pretty well because i got basically easy stuff and somehow managed to get output 😛 the correct one 🙂 ok so the EC lab was first. the thing is that the lab is relative easier except for the fact that you dont usually get easy outputs but it is stuff that you expect from the list of the 12 experiments so you will manage to pass even if you dont get the output. i got Colpitts oscillator. an easy one. a small one. so good for me.. had to design for 100kHz frequency , what i managed was 111.11kHz. a good try. better than what i had got during regular labs!!! so was happy.. finished with my Viva. the external looked kinda hip with a Tshirt from MIT and all… i was sitting right next to the lecturers so i ended up listening to their small talk. well there was not much of anything else to do but wait my turn. the viva went on ok ok.. and i was the first guy outta there 🙂 Madhu had a slightly more bigger experiment because there’s a lot of calculation and graphs in hers. so had to wait for her.. met the CS guys outside. they had done with their ds labs.

so well saturday came and there i was again … LD lab. not something that you can predict because they give you questions which are more application based and not from the regular list of questions so you need to study all your theory and be ready!! i got a realisation of a function with 4:1 MUX with two parts to it. and also to realize a JK flip flop using only NAND gates.. lot of design work. but i was fairly confident of making it. i did do it. Ma’am told never mind the second circuit. same as first( the output that is) so i finished by 12:30 and then had to wait for the external. had gone for lunch after asking Madhu her viva( she finished first) and then we had a very long wait!!! more than hour, People who i knew passed by the corridor next to the lab. they were wondering what we were doing sprawled on the table. well there was nothing else much to do!! totally bored . nothing to pass the time by!!! a lab assistant commented ” avanu yelli guddege hogidane?? canteen elliye ede alla!” ( where has the external gone>???? to the mountains ?? the canteen is nearby na. ) well he did turn up at about 1:35. and asked 4 questions to me . 2 i answered but the other 2 were completely crazy. never heard about before stuff. but who cares. :/ i was outta there. and thats all i cared about.

its over. now for the theory. can you people believe i have exams -Logic Design on the First of January. Happy New year!!!!

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

9 thoughts on “Labs..3rd sem”

  1. u were lucky to get mux in ld
    rekha ma’m screwed us with mealey n moore model
    ny ways gud luck for theory papers
    i think ur x-mas is totally spoilt by vtu akka {v torture u}

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