Exams for christmas

as i was saying.. life’s become kinda monotonous.. these study hols are truly from Hell!! why do you need them?? i always cram last minute inspite of all the time now. there’s no adrenaline junking if you study now.. so here i am sleeping 10 hours a day, watching a lot of tv in between studies.. seriously speaking i have been watching a lot of movies lately!!! more then i even have during the whole last semester!!!! am waiting for Heroes -season 2 now.

this is the saddest part of the year to schedule exams for.. all through my life i totally enjoyed December. being in catholic schools we got them 10 odd days holidays at christmas which was definitely what i looked forward to all year. enter VTU, no holidays only studies, ” Christmas..?? New Year…?? Bah! Humbug!! ” acting like Scrooge. stingy with its holidays and attendace( 85% is way too high but i manage). spoilsport!!!

ok so shopping is one thing that is synonymous with Christmas. Heck! we dont have any other major festivals to shop for.. Easter is there but prior to that day is the 40 day lenten season where you have to mourn, fast,etc.. ok so thats something which i will do.. My bro’s is done. we checked out the new Khadim’s store. not happy. no selection. costly. dont go there. i wanna check out the new Mega mart at PVS next.

right now looking curiously at the silver Sony Viao  beside my bed. more on that in the next post.

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

5 thoughts on “Exams for christmas”

  1. funny are our lifestyles and choices. i bought a new sandals from khadims .. a green one for 200 bucks. i guess there wasnt much to like in the men’s section is it?

  2. Dude!
    you have exams so often… And, you r in 2nd year right? this is the time to start watching movies! I started at the same time. And i watched literally a thousand of movies till the end of my college life. Its good!
    And, 85%??????????
    What the hell? i used to work real hard for 75% and i hardly achieve maintaining it. Once it got as low as 62% and thankfully, dint get chucked out!
    Damn pathetic dude!

  3. @Syn… Yeah, there wasnt much to choose from!! anyways i wasn’t buying 🙂

    @Grey.. yeah!!!! truly crazy!!!

    @Ram..well these are the end sems!!! they come every 4 months or so 😛 sadly.. well lets see how i manage them this time round!!! *fingers crossed*

  4. Well, try getting a new cell and a sim instead of clothes this Christmas!! Try!

    Aah dear VTU, we have an exam on Jan 1st…it can never get any better 😉

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