Metal Salad Debut


my friend Claud’s band Metal Salad debuted on wednesday at his place with a minor concert show.. they were actually set to debut at the cancelled “Mosh Mania”. and since that couldnt be done .. they decided to play on their own instead. only close friends and other select people were invited to watch it.

they started with Korn’s version of ” brick in the wall” and they played most of the pieces well some didnt turn out that good.. but for their first try without much practice . they had an original instrumental which was nice…last the concert ended with the traditional Baila at around 9.

they played korn, megadeth, iron maiden,3dors down,jon bon jovi,deep purple and a couple of dance songs!!!

Metal salad:

Claud  (drums), Lenon (lead guitar), Varun (vocals and guitar) ,Roxwell(guitar),Binoy(bass guitar) and Watson (keyboards)

i wish them all the best for the future…

Rock on!!!

Author: inosaint

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