Life is got back to its unpredictable self.. im getting nowhere fast..internals in 4 days and i seem to be clueless..dont know whats gonna happen.

right now on of the most interesting things going on is that im trying to build up my “caught napping” photo collection.. thats something we do when we are feeling evil and bored during our daily journey. the collection is 8 photos big and has almost everyone.. except karthik.. thats because he gets down at padubidri to catch the bus to Manipal while the rest of us travel to Mangalore

things going on in college are : Karthik got his much awaited branch shift to IS, Election fever caught up with the EC dept. and surprised the lecturers because it wasnt seen in the last few years..but then our year is one very special one :)) Our amazing free time continues with only 4 hrs of classes being held almost everyday!!!! at this rate we dont actually need to bunk them… however EC ma’am has started eating my head with her oh so boring lecture…. i need time to cool off after that hour.. i got lost in LD decoders because of her…

last of all im addicted to Facebook.. not in the sense totally with withdrawal symptoms and all … just setting up my profile there….

India won the 20-20 world cup in a thriller of a match … this said by just a non addict of cricket like me is really a lot!!!!

the new oxford “short” dictionary has nearly abolished the hyphen so i say goodbye to good-bye 🙂

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

4 thoughts on “Random”

  1. Donno whats with the election fever da.. I never was interested in politics and never will be…newaz, would like to see that collection of “Caught Napping”.. LD is easy na, watcha worrying abt it??
    liked the ending though.. hehehe! nice one..

  2. I have my own collection of caught napping pics! Its seriously fun!
    Facebook is pretty good… i kind of like it. Though im not addicted and all…
    Nice random post!

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