Tale of a Plate

this is the story of our First Bunk..the library was issuing the book bank books so we just had a half hour of class the first hour so we thought “what the heck!!!, lets bunk FT” so we did and staked out the Library. FT is supposedly a deadly subject but most of us dont make perfect sense of what the sir is teaching us and so it doesnt really matter that we sit in the class.. the thing is that we ended up gettin really Sad texts but the bunk was still worth it.. meanwhile in the class . there’s a plate kept under the desk in the last bench. it predates our class and god alone knows how it around to being there!!! so that very plate gets passed around and the remaining ppl in class sign their names on it. a couple of us sign on it after returning back. thats pretty much it…wud have put up the pic if i figured how to shift it to the comp.

next story is hopefully about ” my new Best Friend” a surprise!!!!!!

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

5 thoughts on “Tale of a Plate”

  1. phhhalllaaahahahahahaaaateeee????? hehehehehe! tahts cool! hehe! hmmm FT was a freaky subject for me too dude..don worry…by the time the exam comes ul kno wat to mug up

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