the Simpsons Movie


watched the Simpsons Movie today and really loved it!!! but then i’ve been watching the series for a long time now. if u like mindless comedy which borders on the senseless this is it!!!! Green day sings the opening theme and watch out for the Spider Pig and Tom hanks is the other celebrity who features.  although Arnold Schwarezenger as President( not voiced by him) is good!!! Fave quote:”i became president to lead not to read” 😛 watch the movie. worth the munney!!! truly…
as a matter of fact i had been waiting to watch this movie for a long time and when it finally arrived strangelyin the middle of the week i was happy. but the problem remained on who to drag with me to the movie. no one seemed to be free or willing to sit through it 😦 so i decided to go on alone. Lucky me! i bumped into a bunch of old friends who were also gonna watch the movie..and in the interval i found that even a couple of my Neighbours(incidentally they are also my seniors in college too had come…!!! ) so that was quite a happy ending.

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6 thoughts on “the Simpsons Movie”

  1. Dude! The quote actually is “I was elected to lead, not to read” 😉 I desperately wanna watch the movie. Im a huge fan! Homer Rulz! d`oh! “Alcohol – The cause and Solution of all of man`s problems!”-hnble Homer Simpson.

  2. Good good…my patriotic friend wants to see Chakde! Not The Simpsons. I’ll never find a company, and probably will never see the movie 😦

  3. its good?? sheesh! man..i need a few more bro calld up to tell that the mv wasnt worth the money(guess he went for sum multiplex)..hmm…i never watched the cartoon da..newaz..will wait for a few more reviews b4 i get the cd..

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