Wrong Connections

hmm.. in the 5 months that i had my cellphone so far i never thought that i would really have one of those crazy experiences with it!!

this is a True Story:

on the way back home i tried calling my Dad so that i would know where they were. I had forgotten my House key and didnt want to wait outside the house for them to come home.Here’s what happened..

first call : im calling his number and suddenly i start hearing a caller tune “Yeh Dosti ..” . i wonder when did Dad get a caller tune???? then a pre-recorded voice tells me ” the Hutch number you are calling is currently busy.Please call again later.” now this stumped me cause i was calling a BSNL number!!!

second call: okay so i thought that was just a one of mistake .. so i called again . this time i hear ” the Hutch number you are trying to call is temporarily out of use”. okay this i again found to be really weird!!!

third and penultimate miss call( they were many more later actually) : this time i got the ringing tone but no one answered guess Dad had it on silent during Mass which he forgets to switch back to General.

so those were my misadventures of calling a Bsnl number using a Spice number and by mistake getting cross connected to Hutch numbers .

the day also ended with me outside without the key, scraped elbow from jumping the compound wall, getting drenched on the way to get the Band-aid…all in all ’twas ok i guess 😛

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

7 thoughts on “Wrong Connections”

  1. @Thilak…well ROFL!!!! but this i just another of them weird experiences that i keep having 😛 well i dont bother to get in between these cell feuds..i have spice coz i can afford it as i speak a LOT!!!! and its charges are very minimal :))

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