Friendship Tag

Well..there’s a lot of Being Tagged going around and well i got Tagged again by Karthik this time round..this however is a bit different. It just asks you to show the links of the People on the Web who you feel are quite Fun to Know!!!

i was thinking of doing this anyway so now i also got an excuse….so the people who i tag here do have the option of tagging other’s if they feel like it ( coz the last time round there were no takers for it 😛 )

Karthik : One of the People who have been an inspiration to me(kinda 🙂 ) . He had a blog when he joined my class and well at that time i had just been playing around with the idea of setting up one myself at that time. I did set one up in due time and the result is in front of you..Karthik will remain the Guy who keeps me updated with the Latest Tech news and also is quite fun to chat with during all those Boring classes in College!!!! Here’s to all the meaningless as well as meaningful ideas we built along with the rest of the Guys during Classes… Cheers!!! gawd, am gonna miss you next year 😦

Sindhu: This girl is the other one due to whom i started blogging(bumped into her due to me being a bit too curious :P) ) 🙂 i Find her to be quite fun to be around..talkative is what she is and i dont mind coz people tell im too..a nice person to talk to and chill out with ..she for some reason seems to be always having crazy ideas ..some call her a geek( a lot of people actually 😛 ) and she loves Noodles and seems to be really active be it offline or online ..anyways Rock on!!!

Equi(Bhagavathi) : well i call her Equi( for some reason….) , now here’s someone i came across since i found her Blogger name intelligent 🙂 and then i got kinda hooked onto her writing style..its quite melancholic and introspective. And someone who keeps sending the most interesting retorts to my messages. Some day i guess ill meet her 🙂 but for now im glad that i came to know her.

Ajan : well this guy is just an awesome dude..i kinda relate a lot with him. Guys who seem to be as crazy as him dont actually read books( intelligent ones ..i mean :P) so thats something unique. Initially he didnt seem to blog very much and then suddenly now he’s writing a lot , a lot..might be something to do with the reason that he’s finally free from VTU!!! he seems to me to be quite a carefree and “where’s the party ??” guy to me..and well this is enough i guess 😛

Adi (Advitiya): well this girl’s blog was one of the first blogs that i had started frequently early on when i started blogging..”harry potter meets Ekta kapoor” is one of my favorite posts of her’s. lately she seem s to be blogging a lot less…a harry potter fan completely!! also likes Johnny Depp!!! she’s one heck of a person and a lovely Blogger !!! me Hopes you ‘ll blog more k

Shruthi : this gurl’s writing is one of the newest of the newer ones that i really love!!!! just love the lucidity(both the posts and poems)!!!! well i find that she’s kinda multi-talented. She seems to be quite sure of what she wants from life. and for now thats all i can say….

Ram: a very versatile guy and i just love his “Rampi says…” . i came across his blog sometime in January when i started using Google reader( now i find it easier to go to the small bunch of blogs) and had subscribed to him and then i kinda forgot about him until last month!!!

Well these are the ones that i can actually write a lot about!! the others i havnt been talking to much until then i wont be able to write Sorry you guys 😦


Happy Friendship Day!!!! ÇΗÉÈ®Š


  1. if you are not happy with this tell me…if you are happy tag others and spread the love.
  2. the views expressed are of the author’s itself and he’s not responsible if they seem to resemble the truth or not.
  3. thank you for coping with my blog.

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8 thoughts on “Friendship Tag”

  1. @equi.. no i never mentioned my infinitely huge mind which can calculate all such minute problems in a second!!!! 😛
    @Ajan..Marvin is the Paranoid android in the Hitch hiker’s Guide to the galaxy!!!

  2. aww this is seriously sweeeeeetttttttt :”> thanQu!!!

    you’ve been an awesome friend , am so glad and lucky i know you, muwah! *big bear hugs4u*

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