The Consti Experience

ok so there it is 3 weeks of semi-freedom lie in front of me and im now planning stuff to keep me from getting bored..

The Exams were rated ok by me..math resulted in me getting some really unusually long answers which im scared to even think about, Doh! for Physics i used the 5 chapter strategy!!!!(perhaps the only VTU rule i like) which worked in a lovely way!!! electrical and civil went on ok…while Mechanical had us wondering about what to write in Part B which was part Murder!!! with simple “Distinguish between….” coming for 10 marks!!! i wrote whatever came to my head and went on building from there ๐Ÿ˜› last but not the least ‘Constitution and Professional Ethics’ (‘consti’ for short)which has a unique story linked with it..the paper was easy..
lets see now after the results come what has happened !!!all in all the papers were not something u could predict with the usual stuff hardly showing up!!!

ok now this is what happened on Consti day!!! there i was thinking i wouldnt be able to catch the early bus to college so i hurried off without checking whether i had everything that i needed..the reason?? i thought everything was in its right place…so got the bus and we were on the way,me completely oblivious to what awaited at around Surathkal thats about 15 Kms out of mangalore,i for some reason opened my bag to check for my hall ticket..and Lo! and Behold!! it wasnt there!!!! i totally freaked out!!! what do i do now??? and lucky me!!! for some reason i had taken my Cellphone with me that day!!! which according to VTU rules shouldnt be with you in the college and also is quite distracting if u wanna study!! so i called up ma mom and made her come to PVS..but that still meant that i would have to go back all the i got out of the bus and took another express back home!!! got the hallticket!!! and was waiting for another bus to go to college!! now what was worrying me was whether i would be able to make in time??? i didnt want a ‘back’ for consti!! who would??? i was relieved to see the bus!! since i could calculate that i would make it with time to spare!!! so that was the end of the ordeal!!!and again the guys helped me out with telling me which class was my room for the Exam!!! Love them!! Thanks!!!! thats the end…

now now dont advice me on “you should be more careful..!! next time you wouldnt be so lucky!!!” ive got more than my share of that!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

5 thoughts on “The Consti Experience”

  1. Ooohlala! Nice template!

    Hey, you know the college always has a copy of the hall ticket. The College Copy! In case of emergencies like this (!!), they lend you that. A lot of awful ordeals to go through though. They do it in ours.

  2. WooooooooohooooooO!!!! Lookie heeeree! A bland new template.. lukin gud!

    And talkin abt exam questions… naaaaahiiiiiiiii!!! exams ovr don wanna rem em at all now..
    hall my… i rem havin a nice lecture frm the dept. office wen i forgot mine.. time was runnin…and that bitch was nt stoppin.. v both were holdin the hal tickt..(kinda the way ppl hold stuff/gifts wen they wait for photographers to go flash! flash!)..maybe she was holdin for some1 to come runnin in and take a wit a confused grin and she wit a jubliant look…sheesh! use diggin up ole graves..
    Hav fun!

  3. well
    @equi…the rules have u gotta go thru an ordeal of procedures before you get the replacement…i thought i would rather take my chances with going back!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Dude, firstly, the template rocks!
    And yeah, Ive always had the butterflies in the stomach after every maths exam! You`ll clear it.
    And The hall ticket thingy, we never used to panick. We used to get a duplicate hallticket if we had missed it. So, if VTU doesnt have that rule, unlucky you!:)

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