the terror attacks recently have shocked most people …can you imagine that people who you might be with everyday could do such stuff….coming back on the Bus after Math exam ,we did just that..the conversation actually started with either me resembling one of them(i dont think so)..or Raison resembling Kabeel (i do think so ๐Ÿ˜› with the glasses and everything!!!) anyway so it was like that, “can we trust people who are around us????” now we(atleast me) can ..but what about later in life???? ” how do we know that any of us dont turn into a terrorist or something??” said one guy..”maybe you can never do so, just be alert!!!” joked me.

The conversation also noted that the guys in question were good in studies and surprising to know that educated people would go about such primitive acts??? “there has to be a reason behind it” i said( i still believe that!!)…anyway s the conversation ended with me trying to recall how to create a Molotov cocktail!!!

so well…

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

3 thoughts on “Talking”

  1. one word: brainwashed. they all are.

    *chuckle* am happy am not that easily influenced by anybody. but i could :O

  2. yea man..sad..eally sad.. did u notice hw world can change educated and intelligent ppl into guys like that? maltov..hmm..if u search the rite sites on the net u get grenades too..hehehehe! jus kiddin!

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